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KWH Freeze: Keeping its cold storage and logistics operations on track, even in sub-zero temperatures with the Getac B360
KWH Freeze is the largest frozen storage provider in Finland and conditions can be extremely challenging for IT equipment, particularly in the warehouse where a temperature of -23° Celsius is maintained. Fortunately, the Getac B360 fulfils all the needs of KWH Freeze's employees.
Transportation and Logistics
Getac F110 and T800 optimise processes in the marine and port sector
After testing numerous rugged hardware solutions, the company settled for Getac's Fully Rugged F110 and T800 Tablets, which proved to be the ideal choice in terms of reliability and efficiency in a critical environment such as a port terminal, where risk factors such as wind, rain, salt, humidity, and extreme temperatures can greatly affect daily operations.
F110, T800
Transportation and Logistics
Getac F110-EX rugged tablet serves as a strong support for BRABO harbor pilots working at Port of Antwerp, Belgium
Brabo now equips its team of professionals with Getac’s third-generation F110-Ex fully rugged tablets, which combine mobility, performance and safety to meet the needs by high-end industrial applications. F110-Ex was the ideal choice because it is a Windows-based, ATEX-certified tablet with a large and clear sunlight-readable display.
Transportation and Logistics
Getac F110 Fully Rugged Tablets Keep Flights on Schedule at Istanbul Airport, the Largest Airport in the World
Centralized control and automation of the refueling process through the F110 greatly reduces the possibility of human error leading to flight delays, which incur high costs for passengers, airlines, and airports alike.
Transportation and Logistics
Levorato Marcevaggi chooses Getac solution to optimize processes in airports
GETAC F110. The right solution for fuel storage & intoplane service optimization processes in airports [downloadpdf url=”” text=”Download pdf”] Challenge Levorato Marcevaggi is a leading Italian company in the field of aviation fuel, storage and intoplane services operating in national and international airports. The aircraft refuelling operations during turnaround are carried out outdoors and in any weather condition, at the same time, however, it […]
Transportation and Logistics
Getac’s F110 Fully Rugged Tablets Keep Botek’s RFID Bin Management Solutions Operating at Peak Efficiency, Whatever the Weather Download PDF  / Challenge / (Summary) The waste management industry presents an extremely challenging environment for IT solutions. Devices used as part of Botek’s in-vehicle RFID bin management solutions must be able to operate in extreme weather/temperature conditions, as well as survive regular knocks, drops, spills and […]
Transportation and Logistics

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