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  • Electronic vehicle health checks: Enhance aftersales and customer confidence with digitized inspections that boost retention and revenue.
  • Intelligent planning with AI: Eliminate idle time and optimize technicians’ workflow with AI-driven task management and digital job cards.
  • PC based diagnostics: Perform uninterrupted diagnostics and ECU management with our rugged tablets, designed for the demands of the workshop floor.
  • Digital technical publications: Access critical technical and repair data at your fingertips, ensuring accurate fixes and increased productivity.
  • Rugged design for R&D: Trust in devices built for extreme conditions, providing reliable data collection and analytics during on and off-road testing.
  • Seamless manufacturing integration: Connect with machinery and systems effortlessly, enabling precise inspections and data gathering for flawless manufacturing processes.

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Rugged mobile computing that delivers precision, accuracy, and reliability.