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A140 Trolley dock duplicates most of your computer’s ports and provides extra ports. With peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer all connected to the office dock, you have a handy work area on your desk or diagnostic environment. The adjustable latch also provides multiple viewing angles for the A140. This product consists of a base dock and an adapter. The two should be assembled before usage.

Product Information

Serial Port x 1

Display Port x 1

Microphone x 1

Audio Output x 1

DC in Jack x 1

USB x 3

LAN x 1

HDMI x 1

Printer Port x 1 * w / 90W AC Adapter


GDOFEU (EU Power Cord)

GDOFUU (US Power Cord)

GDOFKU (UK Power Cord)

GDOFAU (AU Power Cord)

GDOFCU (CHN Power Cord)

GDOFTU (TW Power Cord)

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