Integrating Getac products in its solutions to field-proof its anti-drone systems

“Getac enabled us to address markets and clients that we were not able to serve before,
and without any major change to our solutions”.

Charlie Pinedo, Head of Operations, CerbAir

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CerbAir was created to counter the alarming growth of intrusive drone flights (and the threat that they represent). Convinced that airspace security is everyone’s concern, CerbAir proposes anti-drone solutions adapted for every kind of customer.

In order to deal with drone breaches and threats in their airspace, more and more companies are choosing to implement anti-drone systems. CerbAir operates in civilian markets (VIP residences, industrial sites, key infrastructures) as well as military and homeland security (prisons, Police operations, special forces, institutional VIP protection).

Finding a modular product line that can withstand the harshness of operational deployment while supplying a standard software environment for development was challenging. CerbAir’s command & control unit must be able to adapt and withstand all types of conditions and be functional at all times. Missing an alert due to a malfunctioning unit can be critical; this is why CerbAir is extremely demanding when it comes to the suppliers and the technology they use.


“Getac provides a complete and comprehensive product range, the expertise to understand our specific needs and to tailor the right answer. CerbAir chose Getac for its in-depth knowledge and ability to anticipate their end-users needs. Most of CerbAir customers were already Getac clients and are delighted to find products that they are already accustomed to in new applications”, said Charlie Pinedo, Head of Operations, CerbAir.

Getac devices, the S410, MX50 and X500 integrate CerbAir software that collects and analyses data from drone antennas and their remote frequencies. The devices are deployed in any type of environment to prevent the usage of non-authorized drones. The software provides the geolocation of the intruding drone as well as the position of the remote controller (the pilot).

The rugged devices allow the team to operate in any situation:  in a car, outdoors, in a control operation centre or from behind security gates.

Getac’s products follow clients in their operational deployments which may impose all sorts of stresses on the equipment: hot and cold weather, dry and humid conditions, vibrations and even being dropped on the ground.

The MX50 is a very tough product that is able to serve as a console to the operator but it also packs enough processing power in a standard Android environ-ment to double as a fully portable C2. It can be attached to the gear, leaving the operator’s hands free and the screen visible during the operation.

CerbAir teams mainly work in outdoor environments. The S410 enables fast deployment under light rain that was not possible with standard laptops, this is critical for response units as they can focus on the task at hand with the reassurance that the hardware will follow.

Getac’s solutions integrate Lumibond® Technology. Getac’s proprietary Lumibond® also includes brightness and anti-reflection technology which are essential for CerbAir (and its clients) as their activities are hazardous and mostly take place in outdoor environ-ments.

Getac also offers continued support for its devices with industry leading ‘Bumper to Bumper’ warranties for three years covering all accidental damages as standard. CerbAir hasn’t activated the warranty yet but it reassures their clients that if anything does go wrong, they can always rely on full customer support.

Getac uses value added resellers to address its market. In this case, CerbAir reached out to Logic Instrument to provide Getac’s products and solutions.


The ability to merge consumer-like ease of use (latest OS, high performance hardware, form factor) with the ruggedness required by their most demanding clients.

“The breadth of Getac’s catalogue and its coherence allowed us to offer multiple options depending on customer needs and to ensure that we always meet their expectations at the best price possible.

Getac’s wide range of accessories and connections allowed us to answer positively to customization requests from high end customers with very specific needs” said Charlie Pinedo, Head of Operations, CerbAir

Getac’s products follow CerbAir’s clients’ needs in their operational deployments that might involve all sorts of stresses on the solutions: hot and cold weather, dry and humid situations, vibrations and even being dropped on the ground.

CerbAir is now equipped with a full and complete solution covering all their daily needs. And, by using Getac’s rugged devices, CerbAir enhances its product portfolio with an end-to-end solution, opening new markets such as defence and military.

  • Posted at 13 May 2019

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