Worx Automotive – Steering the Change and Gains
14:50 CST
Marcel van Renselaar / CEO
Presentation Overview:
This speech will be to introduce the methodolgy of doing the right thing at the right moment based on the Lean philosophy. The topic I would like to address is that although Lean theory has been developed many years ago, it still applies and is now further enabled with predicable AI, Big Data and Connected Vehicle technology. In the past the technology wasn’t available or had to be done “door to door” whilst now the technology becomes available for everyone and can be the perfect solution to the Automotive industry.
Marcel van Renselaar:
25 years of experience in the Automotive After Sales. Started back in the ‘90s as an Master Technician and Technical Trainer implementing workplace organization in the workshop in order to have as much flow as possible whilst reducing time for waiting & searching. Marcel has worked for Japanese manufacturers which introduced him to the Lean philosophy (which he is now a firm believer) and he is practicing this in everyday life. It is all about doing the right things at the right moment with the right tools. This mechanism is not only more profitable due to reduction of waste but also carrying out all the work according to the planning. Moreover, this methodology also helps to engage at the exact right moment with the exact right proposal with the customer.
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