120W AC Adapter with Power Cord

Features & Benefits

Specifically designed for use with the office docking station and performance SKU, this 120W AC adapter provides efficient delivery to power your devices.

Product Information

Input : 100V-240V
Output : 19V, 6.32A Max.
Dimensions : L 131.5 x W 69 x H 25.6mm
Weight : 412g
Input cable length : 1830mm
Output cable length : 1800mm


GAA3E2 (EU Power Cord)
GAA3U2 (US Power Cord)
GAA3K2 (UK Power Cord)
GAA3A2 (AU Power Cord)
GAA3C2 (CHN Power Cord)
GAA3T2 (TW Power Cord)
GAA3R2 (KR Power Cord)
GAA3I2 (IN Power Cord)
GAA3G2 (AG Power Cord)

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