2020 has proven to be a challenging year for everyone, especially for women driving the world’s front line industries. With 9 out of 10 essential workers in the healthcare industry made up of women, even when the going gets tough, women often find themselves battling to break through stereotypes of not performing as well as men; all whilst balancing their day-to-day challenges and commitments.
At Getac, we feel that there is a deeper story behind a strong woman, it’s about women being in challenging environments and situations and still being able to thrive. Similar to the way in which Getac’s products and solutions are inherently rugged, we want to celebrate all the ways in which women can be rugged - from bridging the gaps in the boardroom whilst juggling parenting, to keeping our streets safe whilst being exposed to social stereotypes.
Getac believes that everyday should be a day to celebrate the achievements of women. To capture the spirit of women doing amazing things in 2021, we are looking to tell the stories of women who have been inspiring - be it in their daily life or in their career.


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"While women continue to push forward in the STEM fields and slowly becoming a more significant part of the sciences, they still only constitute approximately 30 percent in the field. The biggest hurdle has been stereotyping and educational differences that lead to gender disparity in STEM. It is timely for World Woman Foundation and GETAC partnership to give the women the tools to learn, grow, and lead a resilient future that works for all. We are excited to join forces to invest in women and girls to unleash their full potential and increase representation."
Rupa Dash, CEO, World Woman Foundation

As part of our commitment towards empowering women, Getac is also honored to be a partner of the World Woman Foundation. Getac will be providing rugged devices that support graduates from the WWF Global Mentorship Program. Designed for use in extreme conditions, we are delighted with this opportunity to contribute and improve the lives of these women.

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