Eave has developed the most effective hearing protection system available for industrial workers today.

Based out of the UK they design, engineer, and build award-winning solutions that protect industrial workers from the long-term health impact of noise exposure. Plus, their solutions also protect businesses from the legal and insurance liabilities of occupational noise.

Already a leading provider to the construction industry, Eave’s products are gaining popularity in other demanding environments where noise exposure is a risk.

Eave was founded by Dr David Greenberg in 2015 to end the isolation and loneliness caused by occupational deafness, working with businesses to cost-effectively reduce noise exposure.

*Any collaboration between Getac Technology Corp and Eave is currently available in EMEA only.

FocusLite smart ear defenders make it possible to remove noise hazards at source, as well as tracking and improving wear rates, offering effective worker protection...
The combination of Getac’s powerful ruggedised mobile computing with Eave’s lightweight and durable hearing protection system answers the specific needs of our customers to provide Getac Total Solutions.

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