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Getac - Welcome & Opening
14:00 CDT
Ken Teese / Sales Director
Getac open the webinar by introducing the speakers and providing an overview of the agenda.
Ken Teese:
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Getac for 13 years. It started back in 2008 where I managed a global sales team that supported the Public Safety market. I’ve always been impressed with Getac’s products and service to their customers. I joined the Getac team in 2018 and became the Sales Director for the Central team. At the beginning of this year (2021), Getac USA made the decision to verticalize the sales teams by customer type, and I’m now currently the Sales Director for Enterprise sales team. Enterprise customers are commercial based and focus on industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Warehousing/Distribution, Healthcare, Energy (Oil & Gas), which are all industries where Getac shines well.
It’s exciting to see the growth within the Enterprise team and the commitment Getac has made to the Automotive industry. Getac is a team of passionate people who are dedicated to finding solutions that benefit our customers. I greatly look forward to this Automotive webinar. I hope we have a lively discussion and I know I will be learning like everyone else.
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