Getac Office Dock

Features & Benefits

The Getac office dock brings out multiple I/O ports for connecting essential peripheral devices in the office environment. Through the integrated ethernet, HDMI, or USB connections, users can quickly collect and synchronize field data with central offices for real-time reporting and analytics. Integrated pogo connectors enable convenient charging on contact and make it easy to remove the tablet with one hand while the dock stays put.

Product Information

Dimensions : L 139.9 x W 105.3 x H 69.7mm
Weight : 310g
JAE Version : DC in Jack x 1, Audio Output x 1, USB (Host) x 2, Micro USB (Client) x 1 ,LAN x 1 ,HDMI x 1 * w / 60W AC Adapter
Pogo Version : DC in Jack x 1, Audio Output x 1, USB (Host) x 2, LAN x 1 * w / 60W AC Adapter


JAE VersionPogo Version
GDODEH (EU Power Cord)
GDODUH (US Power Cord)
GDODKH (UK Power Cord)
GDODAH (AU Power Cord)
GDODCH (CHN Power Cord)
GDODEG (EU Power Cord)
GDODUG (US Power Cord)
GDODKG (UK Power Cord)

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