B360 Multi Bay Battery Charger

Features & Benefits

This 8-bay battery charger is designed with 8 charging bays for charging multiple battery packs simultaneously, providing an efficient charging solution for different situations. It provides users with an efficient charging solution. The integrated five-light LED power indicators display the charge of each battery.

Product Information

AC Input : 100V~240V AC, 4.2A 50~60Hz
DC Output : 19.5V, 16.9A
* w / 330W AC Adapter
Number of charge bays: 8 bays
Dimensions : L 465 x W 245 x H 101~117.4 mm
Weight : 4.7 kg, not including battery packs
Compatible with both B360 (GBM3X6) and B360Pro (GBM6X5) system battery.


GCECEL (EU Power Cord)
GCECUL (US Power Cord)
GCECKL (UK Power Cord)
GCECAL (AU Power Cord)
GCECCL (CHN Power Cord)
GCECTL (TW Power Cord)