25W AC Adapter with Power Cord

Features & Benefits

This adapter is designed to power the device and charge its internal battery from an AC power source. A country-specific power cord is included with the adapter to fit the local power outlet in your designated country.

Product Information

Input : 100V-240V, 1.0A, 50~60Hz
Output : 12V, 2.06A
Dimensions : L 110 x W 62 x H 31.5mm
Weight : 150g
Input cable length : 1800mm
Output cable length : 1200mm


GAA7E1 (EU Power Cord)
GAA7U1 (US Power Cord)
GAA7K1 (UK Power Cord)
GAA7A1 (AU Power Cord)
GAA7C1 (CHN Power Cord)
GAA7T1 (TW Power Cord)