HV Systems - Decarbonizing the HGV Sector – Role of Smart Control Systems to deliver an efficient Hydrogen Electric Power Train
1:25PM EST
Dr David Telford / Head of Sustainability & Hydrogen Infrastructure
Dr David Telford:
HV Systems are a technology start-up disrupter developing an innovative range of Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell HGV Vehicles. A Hydrogen hybrid FCEV combines a Hydrogen fuel cell as the prime mover with a battery-electric power train to provide the high powers necessary to replace conventional diesel engines within the HGV automotive sector.
HVS was founded in 2017 and has now developed two vehicles. A medium-duty chassis cab heavy van in the N2 Category and an HGV 6x2 tractor Unit in the N3 category. Dr. Telford has been working with HVS since 2018. David is a fully qualified physicist and energy engineer with over 40 years of experience in energy systems. His previous experience includes work as a physicist with UK Atomic Energy Authority working on the Fast reactor project and as an Energy Consultant with several organizations for the UK and international-based consultancy work.
He holds an Engineering Doctorate, is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Energy Institute, and a Chartered Energy Engineer. He is an acknowledged expert in the design and control of decentralized energy systems.
Having previously worked on embedded decentralized energy systems within the built environment, he now brings this experience to bear in the design of control systems and hydrogen supply systems for the new technologies within automotive power trains. Prior to joining HVS, he was the lead designer for the zero-carbon Energy System for the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. This innovative design combines Europe’s largest static hydrogen fuel cell installation with conventional IC CHP engines running on biomethane. Excess renewable power is used to generate a pure hydrogen stream which provides up to 200kg/day of transport-grade renewable hydrogen for Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Projects. At HVS, David is responsible for the development of SEMAS. SEMAS is HVS’s bespoke systems engineering analyses, simulation and control software suite.
He is going to provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with digital control and smart systems with the HGV Hydrogen Vehicle development.
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