Writing citations, collision reports, and DUI arrest reports has never been easier thanks to Getac solutions. Write, sync, and submit all the documents required from the field, saving time, and reducing errors.

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Secure records management

Secure records management

Documenting traffic stops and writing electronic traffic citations requires a secure device. Our solutions offer security in a variety of ways, including fingerprint readers, smart card readers, and NFC/RFID readers that support multi-factor authentication. Our laptops and tablets also offer powerful data protection and self-encryption technology, configurable to your police department’s needs.

Reliable connectivity for eCitations

Reliable connectivity for eCitations

Whether you are working downtown in a large city, or on the side of the road in a rural area, connectivity for law enforcement is a must. Getac offers powerful WiFi and 4G LTE WWAN cellular connection to help you stay connected. In addition, Getac solutions reduce download and upload time during traffic stops and help your electronic citations reach their intended target quickly.

Reduce eCitation filing errors

Reduce eCitation filing errors

Getac devices can integrate with law enforcement software, including records management systems (RMS), automated license plate reader system (ALPRs), CCTV, and more. Utilizing the information you are already gathering, and providing an easy way to input new data, ‘Getac’s solutions can reduce errors, avoid potential delays and reduce time spent correcting errors.

What is “Getac Select Solutions”?

As a leader in providing rugged mobile solutions in the industry, we listen to customers and take our customer service to the next level. We understand the challenges in your daily business and the concerns you may have while selecting suitable solutions to achieve your business objectives. Getac now offers a comprehensive industry-focused solutions program, called Getac Select Solutions. Combining our years of industry knowledge and our global deployment excellence, Getac Select Solutions collates the most appropriate solution options for you to choose from.




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