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Sally Wu, Finance and Accounting

Getac Profile: Sally Wu, Finance and Accounting

Getac accounting manager, Sally Wu, drives our accounting team to provide timely financial information to our community. Sally loves to travel, so when she’s not working, she’s most likely watching food and travel shows. What do you do at Getac? I am an accounting manager in charge of monthly closing, cash management and providing financial reports to HQ and auditors. Why did you decide […]

Your Getac: Making Health and Wellness a Priority

Your Getac: Making Health and Wellness a Priority

Among the many employee perks at Getac is our Healthy at Getac program, which helps employees make health, fitness, and wellbeing a priority. This program includes activities such as boot camps, boxing, and barre classes, to name a few. During the coronavirus pandemic, we transitioned all Getac-sponsored wellness classes to virtual experiences for our teams to participate in promoting healthy activities like yoga and […]

Getac Profile: Shannon Baronowski, Engineering

Our Getac Profile series celebrating female leaders at Getac during Women’s History Month wraps up with Getac quality assurance and vendor manager, Shannon Baronowski. We caught up with Shannon to learn how her role has evolved over the years and how she supports the Getac Professional Services team. Shannon spends her spare time mountain biking, hiking, and playing tennis. She and her family enjoy […]

Mika Turner, Organizational Development

Getac Profile: Mika Turner, Organizational Development

We continue to celebrate female leaders at Getac with a Getac Profile series in honor of Women’s History Month. Mika Turner is the senior organizational development manager of Getac and is instrumental in talent development and employee engagement. When Mika isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her family either at the park or in the kitchen as she plays with her […]

Corrie Griffiths, Marketing

Getac Profile: Corrie Griffiths, Marketing

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, we are running a Getac Profile series to celebrate female leaders at Getac. As the digital specialist of Marketing at Getac, Corrie Griffiths protects and promotes the Getac brand. When not at work, you’ll find Corrie going for a walk while listening to podcasts. What brought you to Getac? After working in the hospitality industry, I […]

Cheryl Wynkoop, Order Operations

Getac Profile: Cheryl Wynkoop, Order Operations

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, we are kicking off a Getac Profile series to celebrate female leaders at Getac. Cheryl Wynkoop is the senior manager of Order Operations at Getac. In her role, Cheryl ensures we’re getting our product where it needs to go as quickly and efficiently as we can. Outside of work, Cheryl is all about family. She enjoys […]

Michelle Lawson, Industry Solutions

Getac Profile: Michelle Lawson, Industry Solutions

As part of the Getac Industry Solutions team, Michelle works with the product solutions division and the sales team, helping them navigate contracts with required products to meet the customer’s needs. In her free time, Michelle loves laughing with family, reading, and honing her entrepreneurial skills. What brought you to Getac? The opportunity to work with industry friends in a growing market. The culture […]

Jeff Fasulkey, Engineering

Getac Profile: Jeff Fasulkey, Engineering

Jeff is a software developer/IT engineer based in Irvine. As a part of Getac’s IT Development/Service team, Jeff focuses on creating tools and applications for internal and external users. When Jeff isn’t working, he’s typically coding for fun, chasing his kids endlessly, or pretending he plays in the NBA.  Why did you decide to become an engineer?  As far back as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to building things and taking them apart. The more parts and components, the better! […]

Tammy Tubbs, Industry Solutions

Getac Profile: Tammy Tubbs, Industry Solutions

As part of the Getac Industry Solutions team, Tammy helps the sales team develop proposal documents and contracting opportunities for Getac value-added resellers. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time cheering on her kids at their sporting events and visiting Temecula Valley. Tammy and her family love to golf, take hikes with their dogs and road trip around California. How did you hear about […]

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