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Adopting technology to help workers will help companies, no matter their size, realize the promise of digital transformation.

Remote Experts and Frontline Worker Collaboration

Field Service and many other enterprise organizations are faced with a talent crisis. This includes attracting and onboarding new field service techs while a large percentage of experienced technicians are leaving or retiring.  According to research from the Service Council, 70% of field service organizations are concerned about the knowledge loss from a retiring field workforce. Moreover, these organizations mentioned they would be burdened […]

Utility companies are facing a range of challenges, but rugged mobile devices can help overcome them.

5 Major Energy and Utilities Industry Challenges 2022

The global utility market is on a growth curve. The Business Research Company forecasts the industry will reach $5996.57 billion in 2025 at a compounded annual growth rate of seven percent. To achieve this growth, energy and utility providers must embrace digital transformation and overcome five key industry-wide challenges. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Legacy infrastructure Inefficient use of personnel Problems related to data gathering Disjointed […]

Why You Need An Intrinsically Safe Tablet

Millions of workplace accidents happen each year, many of which are within the power of employers to prevent. According to Getac’s research, while overall worker safety has improved over the last decade, some industries seem to have plateaued or even reverted in recent years.  According to the research, the situations considered most hazardous by the surveyed environment, health, and safety (EHS) professionals are what […]

Getac safety technologies report

How Technology Helps Increase Workplace Safety in Heavy Industries

Despite the recent progress, there is still work to make heavy industries safer places to work. Workers in construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and in the oil & gas industry work at height or in confined spaces, risk an accident with vehicles and machines, or need to work with hazardous chemicals. Utilizing technology advancements can help to improve workplace safety even in these potentially hazardous […]

An In-Depth Look at the Getac Video Solutions Body-Worn Camera

If you’re looking for a body-worn camera (BWC) to fit your department’s needs, look no further than Getac Video Solutions’ second-generation BWC, the BC-02. Backed by 45 years of combined industry knowledge, experience and expertise from our founders, Getac Technology’s rugged hardware and IRSA software, we’ve created one of the smallest, lightest and most reliable body-worn cameras on the market today. BC-02: Built to Go Where You Go This […]

Here are 7 reasons to use rugged mobile computing solutions on the manufacturing shop floor.

7 Reasons to Use Rugged Solutions in Manufacturing Shop Floor

Pen-and-paper data collection, while inexpensive, comes with severe drawbacks. Information not stored in a unified digital database is liable to losses, misplacements, and accuracy issues. Rugged solutions on the manufacturing shop floor connected to a digital database eliminate these issues. These devices keep your data available now and in the future so you can access it when needed. 1. You Optimize Workforce Utilization Remote […]

A Small Device Making a Big Difference for Police Departments: The Trigger Box

When your officers are on patrol, every second matters, that’s why Getac Video Solutions has developed devices to automate responses during critical events. The VRX-20 DVR can determine when a police vehicle has been in an accident and can trigger cameras to record the seconds leading up to the crash and the response. The Body-Worn Camera can be triggered when a car door opens and the in-car ZeroDark™ HD Camera can automatically […]

Public safety personnel benefit from modern computer-driven devices purpose-built for their challenging work environments.

How Technology Makes Public Safety Safer and More Efficient

Public safety is an increasingly challenging profession. Police, fire, and EMS personnel strive to keep our communities safe and secure, especially during crises such as COVID-19. Today, public safety personnel benefit from modern computer-driven devices purpose-built for their challenging work environments. These devices provide first responders with an unprecedented degree of communication, coordination, and efficiency. However, it takes the right technology. Consumer-grade equipment is […]

5G will be the bedrock technology to fulfill the changing needs of first responders in these unprecedented times.

First Responders: Why 5G Networks Are The Future of Mission-Critical Communications

First responders’ duties and responsibilities are changing and expanding in two crucial and essential dimensions. The 24-hour nature of conventional media and the emergence of social media has made it easier for real-world emergencies to create secondary problems first responders must address. Longer-term emergencies like infectious disease outbreaks and civil unrest have become a fixture in the crisis landscape. These trends require better and […]

Keeping Law Enforcement Agencies Connected with Cloud-based Solutions

Modern-day policing accumulates a lot of data; body camera footage, in-car camera footage, computer aided dispatch files, accident reports, eyewitness interviews, evidence logs, and more. Yet, sharing that information has recently gotten easier. Thanks to the cloud, law enforcement agencies are swiftly able to transmit the information they have gathered to other police departments. Sharing Police Department Data Made Easy With The Cloud Before […]

Getac B360 is not only MIL-STD-810H certified, it is also 5G ready for fast connectivity. With this kind of connected computing technology, drivers can receive and modify assignments as they become available, collect data, and file reports directly into their respective data networks.

Technology Essentials for Commercial and Public Sector Vehicles

The fundamental nature of automotive vehicles (cars and trucks) is evolving. It is no longer enough for a car to be a “dumb” machine that hauls people and materials from Point A to Point B. Today, public sector vehicles must be capable of sophisticated self-management and control. Self-driving cars and trucks are simply the next logical step in this evolution. Self-documentation of the events […]

Chris Welpman, Inside Sales

Getac Profile: Chris Welpman, Inside Sales

As a part of the Inside Sales Team, Chris Welpman is responsible for all of Getac’s eastern public sector accounts, creating new sales and training new employees. He supports Brian Simons, Eric McKee, Ronnie Pender, and Mike Ketchum. When he’s not at work, you might find him surfing, camping, rock climbing, or spending time with family and friends.  What do you do at Getac? […]

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