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The Getac Driving Safety Utility is a proprietary software-based application that eliminates the extraneous visual distraction.

How Driving Safety Software Minimizes Distracted Driving

Twenty-five percent of all deaths on EU roads involve a work vehicle. Nearly 35,000 serious injuries happen each year involving forklift accidents in the United States alone. It only takes one vehicular accident to impact your organization severely. One of the most effective ways to minimize driving accidents is lessening driving distractions. Studies estimate these incidents are involved in 80% of all car accidents. […]

Today the oil industry makes use of a range of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software and Geographical Positioning Software (GPS) to identify, plan, manage and allocate a whole range of assets, throughout the value and logics chain.

How the Oil Industry Keeps an Eagle Eye on its Assets

Keeping track of assets and equipment spread over multiple worksites and often remote locations is a constant challenge. For an oil company, centralizing information and data on fixed and mobile assets is invaluable. Two complementary technologies, namely Geographical Positioning Software (GPS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software, are the industry’s tools of choice. GPS is designed to identify, manage, and allocate mobile assets throughout […]

Rugged mobile devices enabled remote experts and remote workers to be more effective than when they were office-bound.

Solve Skills Gap for Remote Experts with Rugged Solutions

As companies adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, they realized the value of remote working and remote experts. Workers could interact with their colleagues and customers with a mix of old and new digital technologies. In many cases, rugged mobile devices enabled remote experts and remote workers to be more effective than when they were office-bound. Many industries embraced remote experts from field service to […]

Team members in construction industries need the right technology to keep up to meet the scale of work and cooperation required.

Rugged Tablets Built for Contractors

The construction industry is facing a growing number of pressures. Tight deadlines and budgets and the need for better collaboration are just a few. Team members need the right technology to keep up to meet the scale of work and cooperation required. Rugged tablets are proving to be the answer. Tablets streamline processes and communication, simplify approvals, and help construction industry professionals stay on […]

Semi-rugged laptops are designed for professionals who need an office-style computer with a full keyboard. These users also spend portions of their day in hard-hat areas or non-office environments where safety and climate control cannot be guaranteed.

Semi-Rugged vs. Business-Rugged Laptops: How Are They Different?

Suppose you’re in the market for a rugged laptop, and your organization can live without the most extreme guaranteed tolerances expected of a fully-rugged or ultra-rugged model. In that case, the vetting process can be confusing. You may encounter terms like semi-rugged laptop, business-rugged laptop, enterprise rugged laptop, and just plain rugged laptop. Some of these terms are meaningful, and some are marketing. A […]

Utilities are facing immense pressures for efficiencies while dealing with a range of challenges from aging assets to climate change.

Factors Impacting the Utilities Sector Today and Tomorrow

The utilities sector has undergone fundamental shifts in the past few years. While traditionally, work processes have been chiefly manually recorded, digitalization has been helping garner efficiencies in incremental ways. Rugged mobile tablets, connected to enterprise asset management systems and resource planning software, have decreased errors and time inefficiencies associated with all-manual processes. But this is not enough. External forces such as labor shortage, […]

The latest version of the Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS) brings new features to help organizations stay ahead of hybrid and remote work realities.

Why Mobile Rugged Devices Need Centralized Monitoring

Centralized monitoring of organizational IT has been considered best practice for a long time. With cloud transformation moving into the field and the frontline, the rugged mobile devices frontline personnel carry are now (or at least they’re designed to be) connected to the IT infrastructure at all times. There are many benefits to monitoring device health. Fewer Technical Problems and Failures One of the […]

How AR and AI Support Remote Systems in Automotive Repair Shops

Augmented reality (AR) is exploding throughout the automotive industry, disrupting product development from design & development to operations, quality, and launch. As a result, the global automotive augmented reality market will grow to nearly $7B at a healthy CAGR of 17.6% by 2025. These market figures consider an often-overlooked segment for which AR is beneficial: automotive repair. The complexities of modern vehicle repair can […]

This article will describe preferred applications for Windows and Android OS for rugged tablets and guide users with an idea choice based on use case.

How to Select an Operating System for Rugged Tablets: Windows vs. Android

No matter the industry, all business has become connected. For applications in harsh conditions, technology solutions must be durable enough to withstand temperatures ranging from weather, drops, and impacts. For remote applications like a construction job site, a rugged tablet offers a technology solution that is portable enough to carry and hold while operating yet is durable enough to withstand the application’s demands. It […]

With so much of EVs and autonomous cars tied to the data generated and collected through connected car strategies, modern-day technicians will need to learn how to service and repair vehicles with more reliance on Technology.

How Remote Experts Prepare Technicians to Service Vehicles of the Future

Talent no longer needs to be bound by geography. This simple notion has powerful implications, as we’ve found throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to that, we’ve learned that we can adapt to nearly any situation given the right motivation and that there are multiple solutions to most problems. True disruptive innovation is possible with a fresh perspective on approaching and solving problems. Nowhere […]

OEMConfig is a Getac-proprietary application

Getac OEMConfig: Enhanced Android Batch Configuration for EMM Systems

Rugged tablets are increasingly becoming the standard for mobile frontline employees, with Android devices representing the best value for the money. However, when organizations issue a device as standard equipment, it is important to optimize settings and configurations. This leads to maximized productivity and security, and first-time-right efficiency. Enterprise-scale configuration of mobile devices is normally achieved using an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system. On […]

There is optimism that the way industries work will continue to evolve post-pandemic where organizations are shifting specifically for frontline workers. Rugged mobile devices can play a key role in digitization of frontline work.

The Future of Fieldwork Is Digital

With 2022 in full swing, there is optimism that the way industries work will continue to evolve post-pandemic. Organizations are shifting specifically for frontline workers and field technicians carrying out work orders, inspections, installing and repairing small to heavy equipment, and in some cases, operating machinery. Rugged mobile devices can play a key role in the digitization of frontline work. Digital Transformation Has Moved […]

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