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If you're considering a tablet or notebook purchase for frontline work, the IT downtime equation may be more complicated.

Making Sense of Mobile IT Downtime

According to VDC, roughly 75-95% of the cost of an enterprise-use tablet is incurred after the initial purchase. IT downtime plays a major component in that percentage of the total cost of ownership (TCO). However, downtime is a deceptively simple term. Lost user productivity only comprises a small percentage of the total cost of a device incident. Other factors that come into play include: […]

Getac has partnered with VDC Research Group to author a whitepaper on where mobility investments are being made in T&L and the problems they’re addressing.

T&L and Supply Chain Operations: Ushering The Next Wave of Mobility

The COVID-19-influenced issues in supply chain operations are showing no signs of abating. These concerns are challenging organizations with component shortages, shipping capacity constraints, and rising costs. Organizations with the highest levels of visibility into their operations and across their trading partners, from item-level inventory management to the delivery infrastructure, have been the most successful in navigating these challenges. However, visibility alone is not […]

There's a lot to consider in the search for the right rugged mobile PC and solution for the military industry from specs, certifications, and after-sales support.

What The Military Needs in a Rugged Mobile PC

When considering a rugged mobile PC purchase, the military has a lot to wade through. Many vendors will have their hands up, saying their stuff is military-grade. Some of it will be rugged and ready and certified accordingly. Some of it will be consumer-grade equipment with extra padding and camo paint.    When comparing vendors and models, you’ll face a deluge of features, terms, […]

Designed for Defense, Getac leads the industry with its production of products that meet the most demanding rugged standards.

Fully Rugged Mobile Workstations in the Defense Industry

Military and defense end-user devices (EUDs) often need to perform multiple mission applications. With the potential ongoing budget concerns, multi-function rugged mobile workstations that optimize SWaP-C will be critical. Today, more than ever, one device needs to be able to perform as many mission-critical applications as possible. Some examples include but are not limited to real-time situational awareness, C5ISR, video/telemetry capture, storage & analysis, […]

Learn about the key differentiators between fully-rugged and ultra-rugged devices.

Fully-Rugged vs. Ultra-Rugged Devices: What You Need To Know

Is your organization in the market for a rugged tablet or laptop with the sturdiest construction and extreme tolerances available? An ultra-rugged model would seem indicated. However, do not confine your search to mobile devices that vendors designate as ultra-rugged. There may be mobile devices designated fully rugged out there that are just as rugged or even better and could offer a better value. […]

To ensure success in the future, manufacturing technology leaders must explore the drivers and benefits of their own digital transformation strategies.

Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Like many other industries, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers had to cope with disruptions to the workplace and supply chain. They also relied on technology to automate processes and improve communication across the enterprise. Many organizations found they couldn’t rely on local spreadsheets and applications for management. The flow of demand and production signals left them unable to […]

The goal of digital transformation is to move businesses along a custom prescribed path–from beginning automation to autonomous operations

The Time is Now for Digital Transformation

What value do you want to gain for your business? Which efficiencies will make your bottom line more profitable? Digital transformation is not simply about digitizing operations. Instead, it is a looping process meant to clarify these answers for every enterprise and then use technology to achieve the desired results. Leveraging technology to drive profitability is not new in business operations. What is relatively […]

Here are some solutions and technology to help technicians keep up with the rapid evolution of the automotive industry.

How Automotive Service Technicians Keep Current with Industry Changes

Automotive technology and the IoT enable each other’s development at a breakneck pace. As a result, the automotive industry is advancing faster than in recent history. However, while the design of traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles has matured to optimize performance (making the typical service issues well-understood), the number of automotive service technicians has decreased over time. Accelerated by the global labor shortage, […]

The following is an advanced technology review to illustrate how these solutions improve worker safety across the spectrum of hazards in these applications.

How Advanced Mining Technology Delivers Worker Safety

Underground mining generates over $650 billion USD each year. The mining industry supplies essential minerals for energy, construction, manufacturing, technology, and electric vehicles. While mining safety has significantly improved in recent years, mining still presents inherent risks to workers. Safety issues include roof collapse, toxic gas exposure, asphyxiation, powered haulage, ground failure, and rockfall. These hazards are diverse, and as a result, the most […]

Manufacturing traditionally has been plagued by downtime costs and utilized inefficient processes to solve the problem.

Mitigating Downtime Costs in Manufacturing

First, as in most other industries, manufacturing assets, whether they are machines or furnaces, wear down over time and naturally stop functioning. Another challenge occurs when components and parts produced do not meet quality specifications. In such instances, production stops until workers can identify and fix the problem, taking hours or even days. Such downtime can be expensive. According to Aberdeen Research, companies across […]

In celebration of Women's Month, Getac shines the spotlight on women reshaping the rugged mobile industry and putting it to work in new and exciting ways.

The Women Shaping the Industry

The numbers are telling. Women make up only about a quarter of the technology sector workforce. Their quitting rate is twice that of their male counterparts. In addition, according to the World Economic Forum, they comprise less than a third of the workforce in manufacturing. The inequities start early. Only 30 percent of all female students select science and engineering (STEM)-related fields in higher […]

5G has been one of the most heavily publicized and will be the most widely used technological advancements of the past few years.

Who Needs A 5G Rugged Computer?

5G has been one of the most heavily publicized and will be the most widely used technological advancements of the past few years. You have heard of futuristic use cases like roads with many cars but no drivers. Remote robotic surgeries. Smart everything. The metaverse. But with all those things still at least several years away, there might be some questions about whether organizations […]

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