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28 octubre 2011

Appointment Enhances Getac Offering To Tough Notebook Market

Getac UK has appointed former Panasonic Computer Managing Director Chris Bye as Business Development Director, to oversee new sector growth for the company’s range of rugged mobile computing solutions.


The move is in line with Getac’s on-going strategy of growing market share across different industry sectors by offering robust product line-ups and service support that match customer demands.  The appointment of Mr Bye is a key step in enhancing the company’s ability to penetrate into these tough markets.



He says the strategic career move comes at a time when there is significant potential for rugged computing to improve business performance across a number of UK markets. That includes defence, utility and field service among others.


“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to join Getac, a company that is setting a new benchmark for customer service through its solutions-based approach.


“I believe rugged technology can revolutionise the operations of many organisations across the UK, and Getac has the product range, capability and partner base to make that happen.”


Peter Molyneux, Vice President Getac UK, says Mr Bye brings a wealth of experience which will be an asset to Getac as the company continues its expansion in the rugged solutions sector.


“Chris brings an array of skills and a tremendous knowledge of the rugged computing business, and we’re proud to welcome him to the Getac team. He has worked across multiple sectors and European markets, and has a track record of business success.

“Having worked in the industry for more than two decades he understands the needs of customers and partners alike, and I’m convinced the Getac offering will only improve with his skills on board.”


Mr Bye has spent 15 years in the industry focusing on mobility solutions, and has been deeply involved in direct sales and channel development throughout Europe, working closely with colleagues in North America and Asia.


His unrivalled exposure to vertical market sectors and the key players in them, including utilities, telecoms, defence and public safety, transportation, automotive, field asset maintenance and healthcare, make him the perfect addition to the Getac team, Mr Molyneux says.


“Chris is a perfect fit for the Getac team, sharing our passion to deliver the best rugged computing solutions on the market.”


Mr Bye will join Getac effective November 1.

  • 28 octubre 2011 02:10

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