Transformative technology for enhanced efficiency and safety in utilities

Elevate utility field operations with Getac’s rugged solutions

Discover the Getac difference in utility management

Optimize your utility operations today.

  • Smart meter integration: Expedite installations and improve accuracy with Getac's advanced AMR technology.
  • Enhanced on-site safety: Access critical safety checklists and procedures with LumiBond®2.0 display technology, even in varying lighting conditions.
  • Robust utility asset management: Leverage rugged devices compatible with EAM and CMMS software, built to endure and perform in harsh environments.
  • Predictive maintenance prowess: Implement advanced predictive maintenance with sensor integrations to minimize outages and extend asset life.
  • Workforce empowerment: Utilize our powerful scheduling and GPS tracking for superior workforce management and operational responsiveness.
  • GIS & mapping mastery: Deploy Getac’s rugged tablets with dedicated GPS and high-performance processors for precise mobile GIS, surveying, and mapping.
  • Uninterrupted performance: Count on long battery life with options for hot-swappable dual batteries to maintain continuous field operations.

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Rugged mobile computing that delivers precision, accuracy, and reliability.