Soaring performance and cost savings now a constant at Frunar with Getac support

“Before Getac it took over 4 hours just to locate everything. Now we respond to client requests immediately. We notify workers instantly enabling them to complete orders faster and all operations occur efficiently in real time. We are completely satisfied with the good quality and pleasantly surprised by the outstanding performance of Getac”

Alexy Narváez González (Operational Manager)

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Frunar specializes in storage of frozen and fresh fruits which it ships to export companies catering to many countries worldwide. The company faces several issues with its warehouse storage facility. The storage rooms operate at very low temperatures of 5 degrees for fresh produce and minus 25 degrees for frozen produce. The humidity levels reach over 70% in the storage area. Workers find it hard to record details in paper due to high humidity that makes the paper wet and spoils the data.

The extreme temperature also makes it difficult for the workers to record the data resulting in illegible records. The company is required to handle storage of fruits in massive amounts. Precision and efficient handling of the storage unit with constant communication is necessary to satisfy client requirements. Frunar needs rugged and super-efficient computers that work uninterrupted in the high humid and cold enclosed spaces of its warehouses. The company expects a seamless and streamlined operation without any hindrance from the working environment or worker errors.


The frontline workers use Getac devices for faster and efficient communication. They can access the data center to know about the daily order, fruit storage location and shipping details. Before Getac, the operations were recorded in pen and paper. Getac provides real time and quick information on the shipment, the delivery time and destination ensuring no hitches occur during the selection and delivery of the product. Getac devices guarantee adequate quality control of the stored produce and eliminate any issue of misplaced shipments.

Getac tablets are rugged devices that can withstand the high humidity and low temperatures that exist at Frunar warehouses. The devices survive drops as high as 160 cm without any breakage. Scanning is easy and efficient with the top notch barcode reader that scans even frosted over labels.

Getac tablets integrate smoothly with the company’s graphics and software ensuring seamless operating efficiency right from day one of their use. The right and left digitizer slots make it easier for left and right-handed workers. The devices require zero maintenance with their reliable and sturdy build ensuring lower costs. Learning to use the device is easy so it has absolutely no learning curve. In comparison to the earlier competitor tablets, Getac devices offer ultimate efficiency features that enhance operations while being economical too.


Warehouse workers at Frunar find Getac devices highly productive and efficient. Increased precision, speeding up of processes and enhanced productivity result with Getac use. The real time and faster communication ensures workers are aware of the deliver details including the amount, delivery time and destination. Maintaining precision in deliver times is easier with Getac assistance. The devices are also very easy to use. They save workers around four hours of time in an average 8-hour working shift, increasing efficiency by 50%.

The faster and efficient shipment and reduced wastage of produce and loss of electricity due to frequent opening and closing of freezer for delivery are possible with Getac devices. The shorter operating time enabled by the excellent features of Getac lets workers spend less time inside the low temperature environment. They use heavy parkas that hinder their work efficiency but with the ergonomic design of the device, they easily handle it. The rugged nature of the devices makes them withstand the extreme temperature effectively and perform well. The various features of the tablets including, software compatibility, quick and accurate bar code reading, Wi-Fi connectivity and usability result in improved overall efficiency.

  • Posted at 24 February 2019

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