Primagaz, SHV Energy Group, chooses Getac's ATEX products

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Strengthened by a relationship of trust that has been stable for 6 years, Primagaz, through Grizzli, has once again chosen Getac for its ATEX IT equipment.
Primagaz is a historic French player in the distribution of propane and butane owned by the Dutch group SHV Energy, one of the world’s leading players. Every day, Primagaz brings propane, butane, CNG and LNG gas to where its customers need it, even in the most remote areas. “We are accelerating our involvement in the energy transition of territories by simplifying access for all to new generation energy solutions such as CNG and biopropane”.

Grizzli is a service company that develops onboard tour management software for petroleum product suppliers. Grizzli has been operating mainly in the field of the transport of hazardous materials, liquid hydrocarbons and concrete admixtures for more than 20 years.


Getac’s ZX70 ATEX Tablets are used as embedded and mobile equipment and support tour management applications this very specific business. GETAC solutions make it easy to track bulk and cylinder gas distribution routes. Getac’s robust and regulatory (ATEX) equipment is ideal for daily use by delivery drivers. GETAC products accompany deliveries while guaranteeing safety during operations.


Getac tablets are facilitating the work of employees in the field. It has allowed Primagaz to stand out from the competition, and to considerably reduce the workload of its after-sales service. The failure rate has also decreased to about 2% per year, compared to the previous 10% on the old platform.

Getac ZX70 ATEX


Delivery drivers were exposed to a variety of weather conditions, in the field and in very different environments such as single-family homes, industry or agriculture. They had to ensure the safety of people and equipment before each gas delivery or take-back in order to carry out their operations peacefully. Drivers also had to be able to print the customer’s order, delivery note, invoice and download information while navigating through the applications.

To select the appropriate tablet, Primagaz called on the referents of each department (QHSE, Logistics, Purchasing, Trade…) of the company involved in gas distribution. The workshops resulted in the drafting of specifications supported by the company GRIZZLI.

These materials are mainly used on board heavy trucks:
-In driving mode, they are therefore exposed to high temperatures and vibrations.
-in delivery mode they are subject to falls, humidity and dust.
To meet its specifications, all these constraints, the ATEX environment and mobility, have forced Grizzli to find a reliable partner capable of meeting its requirements. “It was only natural that we turned to this type of equipment. “specifies Cedric Granjean, Business line oil and gas manager for Grizzli.

The main problems were mainly due to the geo-location of the customer, the limited access to this information by French regulations and the accuracy of the elements delivered. Primagaz’s ability to deliver its customers on time is fundamental to build customer loyalty and ensure optimal service.


“In addition to the reliability and robustness of its equipment, Getac offers a three-year “bumper-to- bumper” warranty on its solutions, which has been useful because even with hardened equipment we have encountered some screen breaks.”

This option has allowed us to free ourselves from these problems and to stand out even more from the competition with this guarantee which offers an efficient after- sales service. In particular, we benefited from Getac’s excellent after-sales service and technical support located in England, which supported us throughout the deployment,” says Pierre-Antoine Barré, AMOA Supply Chain Project Manager at Primagaz.

Thanks to the reliability and to nomadism With Getac’s ZX70 tablets, Primagaz drivers can easily perform their daily tasks with a very low failure rate. Also, the RFID reader, for example, allows customers’ tanks to be identified and delivery errors to be avoided. Another example is the digital signature, which facilitates the dematerialization of flows and responds to customers’ desire to digitalize.


Getac has enabled us to offer a reliable and above all robust solution to meet strong business constraints. It also allows us, through their responsiveness in the various services, to have real added value and to strengthen our brand image. Concludes Mr. Cédric Granjeon, Business line oil and gas manager for Grizzli.


Founded in 1938, Primagaz is a long-standing French player in the distribution of propane and butane. A pioneer in the energy transition, it was the first group to obtain authorization to distribute gas on the grid in the 27,000 municipalities not served by natural gas, helping to balance the energy mix. In 2017, it was the first market operator to offer CNG on the motorway network. In 2018, it introduced biopropane to its customers and initiated a new company trajectory, called Primagaz Next, aimed at contributing to the well-being of new generations. Since 1999, Primagaz has been the French subsidiary of the Dutch family group SHV Energy, the world’s leading LPG distributor with 30 million customers and 14,000 employees in Europe, Asia and Latin America. – @Primagaz_France

  • Posted at 10 March 2020

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