The perfect interplay of intelligent hardware and tailor-fit software that synergize even under extreme application conditions

“The Getac ZX70 tablet computer provided the last piece in the puzzle we needed to offer our customers a total surveying solution. Thanks to its high-performance Android operating system and versatile connectivity, this tablet computer is not only extremely robust and reliable, but also the perfect partner for our Zeno Mobile software and the GG04 plus smart antenna.”

Alexander Fischer, Senior Product Manager at Leica Geosystems

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The Challenge

Leica Geosystems has been manufacturing professional surveying solutions for almost 200
years, and stands for products of high level quality. The Swiss company offers hardware and software solutions for businesses in the industrial, transportation and utility sectors. These firms often work under extreme environmental conditions such as found in water treatment plants, deep-shaft mining operations, or when constructing civil works underground. Engineers rely on being able to quickly access precise positioning data via mobile devices. Erroneous information on the location of piping when building sewer lines can pose health hazards for the workers involved, and costly infrastructure problems or annoying impairments for local inhabitants if a road is closed for days on end or their drinking water supply has to be turned off.

Measuring and analysis devices used in outdoor projects must also be highly robust, protected against dust emissions and shock, designed with long battery lives, and be capable of processing and transmitting large quantities of data even in remote locations. Devices must also be built with adequate main memory capacity to enable, for example, storage and uploading of maintenance instructions whenever needed.

Another consideration is that computers can suffer damage from accidents in the field, and any resultant failure can cause delays in schedule and high cost overruns.

The Solution

The GG04 plus tablet-computer application is based on three components: The Leica GG04
plus antenna, the Leica Zeno mobile app, and the Getac ZX70. This perfectly paired hardware and software solution enables users to call up highly exact coordinates via satellite-supported data link.

The Getac ZX70 is a very convincing piece of equipment in terms of both functionality and performance. Despite its handy manageability as a tool, the rugged housing withstands even the harshest environmental conditions, and users can easily operate the weatherproof touch display fitted with LumiBond® technology even when wearing gloves.

The 4G modem ensures reliable transmission of large data volumes, for example when analysis results need to be coordinated and agreed with the back office. Battery and process performance meets high level technical standards, ensuring work proceeds quickly and accurately without interruptions.

The 8-megapixel camera enables users to take high-resolution photos on site and archive them. The Getac ZX70 is effectively equipped with a range of hardware functions that together constitute the perfect solution for many software providers offering technical field service products. As Leica puts it, for example, “For us and our customers, reliability is very decisive factor. The robust Getac ZX70 is capable of withstanding extreme working conditions such as cold, heat, rain, sunshine, dust, and heavy vibration and shock.”

And should the improbable case nevertheless arise that the device is damaged during use, the industry-leading bumper-to-bumper warranty from Getac even covers damage from accidents, so customers are able to acquire their new Zeno GG04 plus tablet-computer solution with the reassuring knowledge that their investment is fully guaranteed.

The Benefits

The Getac ZX70 is the perfect hardware for the GG04 plus tablet-computer applications because

1. the data acquired via the Leica GG04 plus antenna and Leica Zeno mobile app can be rapidly processed to a very high level of precision. Battery and process performance are designed for intensive use over long periods of deployment.

2. The housing and display are of robust yet handy and user-friendly design. The touch display is easily legible even under adverse weather conditions, and can even be operated when wearing gloves.

3. The 4G modem can transmit large quantities of data, facilitating good coordination and agreement between the field supervisor and the back office.

4. The Getac bumper-to-bumper warranty guarantees customers security of planning. This
Getac service lends a key competitive advantage to Leica customers around the world.

  • Posted at 24 September 2019

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