Getac Z710 helps Italian police catch rogue drivers

“Getac offers the ruggedisation and the freedom of movement that a consumer device can’t provide. Our officers really appreciate the display, which is readable in all weather conditions – come rain or shine. Its water and shock resistance mean all officers feel comfortable with this device, and the handle is a great support for outdoor operations.”
~Luigi Pigoli, Commander, Province of Cremona Police

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One of the many duties of the Italian police is to ensure safety on the network of roads and highways that criss-cross the nation. With all drivers required to have insurance and all vehicles needing to have passed the technical checks, the police need to check traffic carefully to catch those breaking the law.

With millions of cars on the road and a speed limit of 130km/h on the motorways, checking those vehicles is no small task. To assist, the Italian police have made use of the cloud-based Falco193 system, which uses a camera to capture, recognise and cross-reference with a database of vehicle registrations.

However, capturing the data is just part of the puzzle. The police need a way to review that data quickly and easily in all weather, meaning they need a mobile device with excellent connectivity, portability and ruggedisation.


Getac has provided the police with of its Z710 7” Android tablets to provide data display and review. With MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certification, the tablet can survive drops, shocks and every kind of weather condition with ease.

The device includes Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G, plus RF pass-through providing faster and more reliable data delivery in real time. Antonio Carotenuto, Country Manager, Getac, says: “Our market-leading technology means that two seconds is all an officer needs to identify a criminal or unsafe driver.”

The Z710 also features Getac’s proprietary LumiBond® technology, which reduces reflectivity, meaning the display is clear to see even in direct sunlight. Meanwhile, its compact form factor is perfect for displaying the relevant database information in an easy-to-read format while maximising portability.


With the Z710, the police can identify a vehicle in less than two seconds, meaning a greater number of illegal drivers and vehicles can be stopped during an operation than was previously possible. Because of the device’s ruggedisation, it can be used in all weather and officers need not worry about handling the device roughly, dropping it or exposing it to rain or sunshine.

They can simply get on with their job of enforcing the law in confidence. In a six-month trial, police using Z710s have scanned 75,000 vehicles, detecting 1,285 vehicles without insurance, 89 stolen cars and 2,059 with an expired technical checks. The Z710 has played a crucial role in improving road safety in Italy and is a tool that can be trusted by the police.

  • Posted at 24 February 2019

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