Getac rugged computers enable mining teams in Peru to work more productively in a high-risk environment

“I personally like Getac; during these 8 years working together, none of Getac tablets or notebooks have failed us, regardless of the harsh treatment and extreme environments they are exposed to by our customers, major mining companies, and Peruvian drilling companies.”

Luis Cesar Rubin Villareal – Sales Representative – IMDEX Limited

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Peru has a wealth of mineral resources and is among the world’s most popular destinations holding abundant opportunities for miners and explorers. Mining is definitely a high-risk business with a high susceptibility to accidents and disasters. Governments around the world enforce mining safety regulations and invest in mining safety measures. As such, today’s mining industry has become an important market segment for high-tech equipment and machinery manufacturers. IMDEX Limited is a provider of mining equipment, technology and services, headquartered in Balcatta, Western Australia. Established in 1980, IMDEX has been a publicly traded company on the Australian Securities Exchange since 1987. In its nearly four decades of operation, IMDEX has built up a global presence, serving clients worldwide.

Aside from heavy drilling equipment, IMDEX also provides leading-edge computer-aided systems and stays committed to advanced technology research and development. IMDEX boasts its capability to help mine owners quickly and efficiently perform blasting and drilling, thereby maximizing their returns, as IMDEX solutions developed using state-of-the-art technologies simplify the process of identifying and extracting what is below the earth’s surface before heavy machinery is engaged.

IMDEX solutions are based on two major technologies – AMC and REFLEX. AMC redefines the way drilling fluids, equipment, technologies and software are used to optimize the drilling of wells for oil and natural gas production, for example, while ensuring safety and preventing accidents such as mine collapse.

REFLEX is a cloud-based software system for geological modeling and mineral analysis. It enables inspection and analysis of critical geological information by combining real-time data gathered in the field and proprietary database in the cloud. To make use of REFLEX, engineers need to carry rugged computers with them so that they are able to upload geological sample and fault data in real time or look up important information in the database at any time.

The work environment in a mine is ever-changing and unpredictable. Equipment operating in a mine may be subject to atmospheric corrosion, oil stain or unidentified chemicals so IMDEX places great importance on computers’ ability to withstand extreme conditions and is willing to maintain long-term partnerships with suppliers that can meet its stringent criteria. After all, computer failure can result in accidents and at worst, injury or property loss.


IMDEX began to deploy Getac rugged computers, including F110 and ZX70 rugged tablets and V110 fully rugged convertible, for their field work throughout different mining and drilling sites eight years ago. Software systems used for geological analysis require clear display quality. Bright sunlight at operation sites often hinders display readability and prevents first-line engineers from seeing analysis results clearly. However, Getac rugged computers feature LumiBond® touchscreen technology delivering outstanding display clarity that IMDEX is very impressed with.

Getac’s LumiBond® solution reduces reflective loss and increases contrast. It also eliminates the possibility of condensation between the LCD panel and touch screen. With enhanced readability under direct sunlight, it allows engineers to clearly see the data and charts that are critical to decision making.

The F110 fully rugged tablet, which combines mobility, performance and safety to meet the needs by high-end industrial applications, features 11.6″ display and compliance with MIL-STD810G and IP65 for water and dust resistance. With a wide operating temperature range between -21°C and 60°C and a storage temperature range between -51°C and 71°C, F110 is built to withstand harsh environments.

Android-Powered Rugged Tablet ZX70 is a 7” Android-based rugged tablet designed for easy portability. The V110 fully rugged convertible also comes with 11.6″ display and exceptional ruggedness. V110 and F110 are powered by the 7th generation Intel Kabylake processors and Windows 10 operating system. Their long battery life supports continuous operation on a single charge and hot-swappable dual-battery design ensures uninterrupted power.Engineers working at mining and drilling sites count on Getac rugged computers to help them complete their missions without a hitch.


Guaranteeing display clarity under direct sunlight, uncompromised touch sensitivity to fingers in heavy-duty gloves, long-lasting operation and instant network connectivity, Getac rugged computers ensure smooth operational efficiency. Getac rugged computers enable first-line engineers and machinery operators to work with ease in operations such as drilling, geological sample tests and mineral analyses.

With Getac rugged computers’ top-of-the-line durability, comprehensive after-sales support and bumper-to-bumper warranty, field engineers are assured that their computers can handle the shock and impact that are prone to happen at the mining site and enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Getac rugged computers’ long-lasting battery life guarantees uninterrupted operation and their fast wireless connection allows instant data transfer. They also provide high-performance computing for graphics processing and geological modeling, allowing seamless integration between mining inspection equipment and software systems.

It is particularly noteworthy that Getac provides integrated software packages for first-line geological engineers to upload or download real-time measurements of drill hole deviation and parameters checking rock formation variations, raising their productivity, performance and efficiency to a whole new level. They can be 100% focused on the mission itself without having to fuss over computer failure or inability to send/receive data in time. Assisted by Getac rugged computers, engineering and mining professionals working in the field can carry out critical tasks for customers without a glitch in a high-pressure and high-risk environment. This is why IMDEX is able to win positive reviews and customer trust.

  • Posted at 24 February 2019

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