Getac notebook brings outstanding work efficiency to Selmar Auto Repairs in Europe

“Before getting in contact with Getac, we did not know that the same operations could be completed even faster. After purchasing Getac products, we tested them for over two years. I was very glad to see that Getac products were able to adapt to all the environmental conditions of the repair workshop. Getac products allowed our business performance to increase significantly and maximized our overall profit. Getac has now become our number one choice. ”

Selmar d.o.o. Company Purchasing Department Manager Mr. Matjaz Erjavec

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Selmar provides car sales and repair services and is equipped with an exclusive repair garage dedicated to the service of repair problems of BMW cars.

The problems have to be found before performing car repairs, so the initial diagnostics are very important. It will affect the length of the follow-up repair time directly. Sometimes, the repair personnel need to perform some testing operations at the driver’s seat and these tests require some time to complete. However, because the previous diagnostic equipment was too old, their response speed was too slow, their wireless transmissions were unstable and their batteries’ endurance were too short (10-15 minutes). All these factors caused a lot of inconvenience and problems for the operations.

Meanwhile, the rigorous environment of the car repair service is also an invisible killer of electronic equipment because a lot of stains, dust, high temperature and even the risk of dropping the equipment exist in it; so the products that are not rugged enough are easily damaged.


Before Selmar arrived at a perfect solution, they conducted an in-depth research of the market. They wanted a globally renowned brand with products that have high stability, great performance and complete after-sales service. After they analyzed the data collected, they were even more certain of their demands and specifications.

After Selmar carefully checked Getac’s sample, they thought that Getac products met their needs and they finally choseGetac’s semi-rugged notebook as their replacement solution. The notebook achieved optimal balance between mobility, performance and overall strength.

Getac notebook semi-rugged notebook is equipped with Intel’s newest generation i5/i7 processor with a battery performance of up to 16 hours, large capacity hard drive and outstanding wireless transmission equipment and performance. Its outstanding performance will not be affected no matter how many exclusive application programs are installed. Getac’s rugged product features have completely overcome the rigorous environment faced in car repair factories.


For example, they are frequently faced with the problem of the customer’s car breaking down while they were driving, or there are communication failures between the engine computer and automatic transmission; sometimes all items were checked using a multi-meter and the source of the problem still could not be found. This is when an oscilloscope is required to perform signal measurement, and then the signal will be transmitted to the Getac equipment. Through this method, it can be discovered that certain signals were lost which means that some cables were not connected properly.

With Getac’s help, Selmar can quickly find the source of the problem, save a lot of valuable time and increase work efficiency so that there is more work time to process other matters.

Selmar has used Getac’s semi-rugged products for over two years. They are very satisfied with the help that Getac brought to their jobs, so that they no longer have to worry about the performance of the equipment. Getac not only provided them with hardware, it also provided complete solutions and comprehensive after-sales services. Getac products allowed their business performance to increase significantly and maximized their overall profits. Getac has become their number one choice.

  • Posted at 6 January 2019

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