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EDF Hungary Experiences Operational Boost in Services with Feature Enhanced Rugged Getac Notebooks

“We are happy to have Getac with us. It has provided us a sense of reliability for our daily routine job.” Zoltán SIMON, IT manager

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EDF DÉMÁSZ handles 20 percent of the electricity market in Hungary. The company builds over 1,000 pieces of linear investment and over 5,000 pieces of connecting cables annually. The other vital functions of the company include maintenance of correct technical and geodetic records, and management and maintenance of e-public utility data service information.

To increase work efficiency of its employees in its offices and on field, the company implemented an integrated solution. The solution used with appropriate client computers enabled a marked reduction in the administrative work. The system was not able to meet with the requirements of the growing company. It needed a new and modern system to replace the existing computer system.

A sophisticated system was essential for planning, optimizing and tracking tasks via advanced technology. Furthermore, the field workers and crews needed to be connected constantly, while performing on field work. They needed a sturdy, rugged and easy to carry laptops to withstand the inclement weather, and the vibrations made by heavy vehicles used for on field inspection.


EDF with its demanding work schedule required a feature rich computer device which could withstand the harsh weather conditions and perform exceedingly well. Getac V110 rugged device which displayed extreme weather tolerant capacity provided a very effective solution.

The device is drop, shock and dust resistant. This feature coupled with its light weight capacity made the device capable to be used on and off field by workers without worrying about damage to the device or the data stored in it.

Getac V110 has all the major specifications needed by EDF including Intel Core i5, SSD, GPS, double battery capacity, background camera, 4 GB memory and GSM module. EDF workers could receive and report their jobs via the online integrated system. This ‘on the fly’ capacity enabled them to monitor and manage urgent tasks effectively.

Real time communication with the main office and with other on field workers was enabled with the SIM/GSM card slot. Thin design and light weight body provided easy mobility as well as convenience in handling the device anywhere.

The MIL-STD 810G, IP65, 461F standard product ensures completely rugged features. In areas with low visibility, the keyboard with backlight helps in uninterrupted task implementation. Field workers were able to take over all types of task efficiently and complete them accurately and effectively.


The rugged capability along with advanced features of Getac computers enabled EDF workers to perform their day to day tasks adeptly and without any delay. The advanced and up to date features in Getac devices ensured all tasks were done with higher level of efficacy.

Workers on field could check the inventory of various components quickly and proficiently. This resulted in faster completion of work and better service to customers. With the aid of Mirtusz software installed in the notebook, workers were able to be informed about their work schedule, identify pipeline location and oversee other tasks proficiently.

Getac notebooks are used inside vehicle for checking on data, communicating with headquarters and to upload daily reports on jobs to cloud system enabling high level tracking in real time. With Getac notebooks, the company could focus on its main objective of strong competitive supply. The technical and support parameters required by EDF was met with accurately by Getac notebooks resulting in improved performance and reliable work efficiency.

  • Posted at 24 February 2019

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