Barcelona’s Firefighters Adopt Getac Rugged Solutions

Getac’s F110 tablet is the perfect ally in an emergency setting, combining readability, performance and solidity – Barcelona’s firefighters set the tone on how modern field actors can integrate the latest technologies into their daily lives

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Up until recently, a firefighter’s job and the chances of surviving a mission unharmed relied mostly on the firefighter’s instincts and team coordination. However, in recent years and thanks to advances in technology, it has become possible to plot an intervention, calculate the danger involved and effectively communicate with the team on the field and back at the firehouse. However, the equipment needs to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, frequent drops and water damage on a daily basis, all the while remaining a reliable and constant companion to its operator. In the short timespan of a major emergency, no time can be lost to software reboots, battery swaps, GPS inaccuracy, connectivity issues or other frequent malfunctions.


Thanks to the F110’s sturdiness, reliability and connectivity, it now not only easier to plan an intervention, the odds of complications are also higher and easier to manage thanks to the possibility of real-time communications between the teams on site and the operations pilots back at the firehouse. Getac’s solutions come with high-gain WWAN, WLAN and GPS roof-mounted antennas, which ensure that the team is traceable in real-time throughout the entire operation. With the F110 users can be sure the device’s processing speed will meet their expectations and that no time will be lost with reboots or any other operational delays. The 11.6 inch Lumibond screen allows them to easily read data both under intense sunlight as well as through heavy smoke. The touchscreen can be operated with one’s bare finger, wearing thick gloves, with a pen or even in the pouring rain. It can survive a very wide temperature range and won’t break or malfunction from minor falls.  The F110 is also built with two hot-swappable batteries for potentially infinite battery life. This means one of the two rechargeable batteries can be removed and replaced it with a charged battery without ever shutting down.


Barcelona’s firefighters see in Getac tablets a powerful intervention ally because:

  1. They can survive all kinds of harsh environments including extremely hot temperatures, high humidity, trepidation and drops.
  2. They can be operated with the firefighter’s bare hands, thick gloves, a pen or even under the pouring rain and the screen remains readable under very bright lights or when smoke is present.
  3. The high-speed processors ensure that no time is lost due to malfunction reboots or complications due to low storage and connection as well as GPS tracking.
  4. Its Windows OS makes it easy to operate, the tablet is light and can be easily carried around using the right accessories and vehicle mounts.
  5. All accidental damage is covered, and Getac commits to collect, repair or replace and deliver the device within days, saving Barcelona time and money.

Firefighters of Barcelona

The Barcelona Firefighters Brigade’s roots dig back into the early 19th Century and their commitment to public safety has earned them outstanding recognition over the years. Due to Southeastern Spain’s hot climate and touristic appeal, massive wildfires and public safety threats such as terrorism are some of specific challenges their professional and volunteer personnel have to face on a regular basis. Barcelona’s Firefighters and Getac, through their reseller Tempel, work together since 2019. Getac supplies the Firefighters with F110 tablets and all the accessories that go with them so they can be used on the go as well as inside a moving vehicle.


  • Posted at 4 March 2020

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