Police: Integrated Vehicle Solutions

Police across Europe use Getac solutions in many vehicle types. Our compact devices make an ideal police tablet pc, able to fit in small vehicles without getting in the way of equipment such as light-bar controls. Getac solutions work well in direct sunlight, easily handle drastic changes in temperature, and withstand the harsh vehicle shocks and vibration are created from a high speed pursuit.

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Police vehicles in the police station car park.

Docking solutions configured to your department

Using cradles, pouches, and docks, Getac solutions are configured and installed in a way that works for you–while simultaneously keeping the health and safety of your officers in mind. Our solutions can be easily configured to be within reach without interfering with airbag deployment air conditioning units or other vehicle equipment. This allows officers to access information quickly, input any data required, without compromising on comfort.

ANPR equipped police vehicle

Proactively fight and prevent crime with ANPR system integration

Our solutions integrate smoothly with proactive policing solutions such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software, Police National Computer (PNC) access, and mapping and routing applications integral for modern-day policing. Getac offers a fully-integrated solution which receives data from your vehicle-based camera system, allows you to playback video footage, and gives you the opportunity to save and share the collected footage.

Police vehicle on a rural road.

Mobile technology that keeps you connected

You don’t get to choose where blue light incidents takes you, but Getac keeps you connected with fast and powerful advanced WiFi and 4G LTE WWAN connectivity. Working as your mobile data terminal, Getac solutions can also be configured for use with independent external high gain antenna’s to further enhance connectivity in troublesome geographic areas meaning you can work connected in more locations than would usually be possible.

Police officers out on patrol in the city.

Keep your police mobile data secure

Information on your police mobile computer is sensitive and needs to be protected. Getac solutions offer a variety of built-in security features including multi-factor authentication and TPM 2.0. When combined with the security features of Windows 10 this allows for government level security in a mobile device.




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