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Intralogistics drives the importance to maintain a competitive advantage in supply chain management.

Intralogistics 4.0: Automated, Decentralized, Flexible

In a world where both same-day shipping and supply chain disruptions are the norm, control, implementation, and optimization of materials is no longer just a matter for the internal organization. Intralogistics is driving the importance of maintaining a competitive advantage. Logistics of goods and tracking data were already soaring before the pandemic. Since then, it has also achieved an almost surreal level of growth, […]

Semi-rugged laptops are used by professionals in various industries who need a reliable devices that withstand extreme conditions that a regular business-class device cannot do.

The Complete Guide to Semi-Rugged Laptops

Mission-critical can be a relative term. When it comes to businesses, we often refer to servers or Wi-Fi access points as mission-critical technology. But for the individual worker, your personal computer is essential to doing your job, especially in the wake of digital transformation in the public and private sectors. We’re always online now, always connected, and becoming more so. However, the average consumer-grade […]

Keeping workers safe is a key focus area for risk managers and rugged devices play a huge role.

Using Purpose Built Rugged Devices for Worker Safety

Workplace health and safety can have a measurable effect on an organization’s bottom line. Keeping workers safe is a key focus area for risk managers. Any worker could be at risk of a safety incident. To fully leverage the safety capabilities of digital solutions, organizations need to deploy rugged devices that are purpose-built to handle harsh environments. Many organizations have strict site induction or other […]

How Cobots can Help Your Manufacturing Facility and Improve Worker Productivity

How Collaborative Robots Improve Productivity in Manufacturing

Collaborative robots or cobots can work wonders in delivering production efficiency alongside humans. Rugged mobile tablets make it easier to access these machines’ human-machine interface (HMI).        Digitization and automation are accelerating the pace of smart manufacturing with the market segment expected to hit more than USD 260 billion by 2026.  Traditionally robots seem to have favored the largest industries first. Smaller […]

Tech Upgrades You Can Make Right Now to Improve Your Bottom Line

Tech Upgrades You Can Make Right Now to Improve Your Bottom Line

Businesses strive for efficiency and high performance. Running an organization requires spending to maximize results and attain efficiency and high performance. With new and improved technology developing, products and services can be crucial to your organization’s overall performance. Investing in these upgrades can improve your company’s bottom line by optimizing performance.  50.4% of companies report that changes in technology have had a positive impact on […]

How AI is changing the use of robotics in the energy sector

How AI is Changing the Use of Robotics in the Energy Sector

Robots, initially programmed by scientists with artificial intelligence (AI) software and incorporating machine-learning algorithms and data science, are now being transformed into autonomous, self-learning machines. Such AI-enhanced robots are now helping staff to perform their tasks more efficiently and replacing employees in dangerous roles, like drilling and nuclear power waste disposal, as well as in hostile environments such as deep water. In the management […]

Flexing Safety First Muscles in Times of Crisis

Flexing Safety First Muscles in Times of Crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Getac, like many companies, had to strike a balance between staff safety and business continuity. This is mission-critical to the service team. “Our priority is to ensure our service providers and customers’ — especially first responders and those in the defense industry — device-related issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. All of this has to be balanced while adhering to […]

Why technology is a critical factor in worker safety

Using Technology for Safety in the Work Environment

Workers across various industries face safety considerations around air quality, temperature, and equipment operation. Keeping employees safe in utilities, oil and gas, public safety, transportation, manufacturing, and natural resources requires the right technology. Workers need to be equipped with technology for safety that keeps them in touch, on top of risks, and protected from known hazards as much as possible. The International Labor Organization […]

How Rugged Mobility Improves Supply Chain Management and Eficiency

How Rugged Mobility Improves Supply Chain Efficiency

A lack of real-time information and breaks within the supply chain management process negatively impact last-mile logistics and supply chain efficiency. Allowing for complete connectivity and clear communication, rugged mobile technology repairs the breakdown within supply chain management (SCM) and transportation planning. The world’s supply chain is under increasing pressure to become more efficient and at faster speeds, while customers demand information and speed. […]

How can you apply a modern Silicon Valley ethos to an ever-evolving aftersales market?

How to Apply a Modern Silicon Valley Ethos to an Ever-evolving Automotive Aftersales Market

For most businesses, future profitability is a key driver. While future profit can never be guaranteed, creating a business model will ensure consumer spending is a powerful indicator of future success. The use of an “ecosystem” model by the likes of Apple, for example, has allowed the Silicon Valley giant to achieve very high levels of customer retention. It has created a “community” of […]

LumiBond® 2.0: A Rugged Touchscreen Without Equal

LumiBond® 2.0: A Rugged Touchscreen Without Equal

A device’s screen quality is one of the most important elements of the perceived comfort and enjoyment of its usage, especially if it’s a touchscreen. But if your business has never used rugged computers before, touchscreen quality might not be the first or even the second thing you consider when contemplating a purchase. However, it’s really very important – for three reasons. One, rugged […]

Prevention as key focus for safety management

Prevention as Key Focus for Safety Management

Ensuring workplace safety is top priority for Ivan Lin, who oversees Getac’s manufacturing operations. Ivan has been with the company since 1997 and recognizes hazard as a part of factory life. In all aspects of work, he aims to neutralize risks inherent in working with heavy machinery. He also works to minimize human error. This means being aware of hidden dangers and having a […]

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