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Vehicle fleet management is rapidly evolving with the technology revolution.

6 Trends and 3 Challenges in Vehicle Fleet Management

Commercial vehicle fleets are a popular tool for doing business, from transportation and trucking to school busing to local package delivery. While some companies outsource entire fleets or their management, many others manage their fleets internally. Maintaining vehicle oversight is critical to optimizing vehicle “up” time and minimizing costs. Before uncovering current trends and challenges, it is worth defining vehicle fleet management in more […]

Voice recognition software assistive technology permeates nearly all industries.

How Voice Recognition Software Assistive Technology Improves Efficiency and Safety

Voice recognition software assistive technology is a growing trend that COVID-19 has pulled into the mainstream. Consumers have gradually integrated phrases like “Alexa” and “Hey Google” into their daily lives. Speech-to-text recognition has enabled secure, contactless professional communication while assuring workforce safety in the past few years. But how do you re-open in-person business while maintaining the demand for the global work-from-home setup? This […]

Rugged devices are expected to offer more security layers and options for the military than what a consumer-grade tablet or notebook would deliver.

4 Security Features the Military Considers When Looking for Rugged PC Solutions

Given the general rise in ransomware and cyberattacks and threats across various industries and sectors, users expect rugged devices to offer more security layers and options than a consumer-grade tablet or notebook would deliver. And given the growing threat of cyberspace as a theater of war, that goes double for military and defense applications. However, when parsing out a rugged device’s security features, vendors […]

Transportation and logistics companies are relying on rugged mobile devices post-pandemic.

Transportation and Logistics in the Post-Pandemic Era

Transportation and logistics is a service industry providing movement and management for goods and materials to meet the demands of its customers. It is the backbone of every company’s supply chain. This involves planning, implementing, and controlling goods’ forward and reverse flow and storage. During the Covid-19 pandemic, all modes — airfreight, railroads, trucking fleets, ocean shipping, and warehouses—were disrupted to a large degree. […]

Android has more potential as a rugged tablet OS due to the recent shifts in the field services sector.

Field Services: The Case for Rugged Android

Android is already a very popular rugged tablet operating system (OS), and its relative share of the market is expected to keep growing. However, when it comes to industry field services, Android has even more potential. This is due to the recent shifts in how field service jobs are done, recent evolution, and diversification in the form factors that offer it. What Field Services […]

Dealing with IT downtime for frontline work can be more complicated than you think.

Making Sense of Mobile IT Downtime

According to VDC, roughly 75-95% of the cost of an enterprise-use tablet is incurred after the initial purchase. IT downtime plays a major component in that percentage of the total cost of ownership (TCO). However, downtime is a deceptively simple term. Lost user productivity only comprises a small percentage of the total cost of a device incident. Other factors that come into play include: […]

Getac has partnered with VDC Research Group to author a whitepaper on where mobility investments are being made in T&L and the problems they’re addressing.

T&L and Supply Chain Operations: Ushering The Next Wave of Mobility

The COVID-19-influenced issues in supply chain operations are showing no signs of abating. These concerns are challenging organizations with component shortages, shipping capacity constraints, and rising costs. Organizations with the highest levels of visibility into their operations and across their trading partners, from item-level inventory management to the delivery infrastructure, have been the most successful in navigating these challenges. However, visibility alone is not […]

There's a lot to consider in the search for the right rugged mobile PC for the military industry from specs, certifications, and after-sales support.

What The Military Needs in a Rugged Mobile PC

When considering a rugged mobile PC purchase, the military has a lot to wade through. Many vendors will have their hands up, saying their stuff is military-grade. Some of it will be rugged and ready and certified accordingly. Some of it will be consumer-grade equipment with extra padding and camo paint.    When comparing vendors and models, you’ll face a deluge of features, terms, […]

Designed for Defense, Getac leads the industry with its production of products that meet the most demanding rugged standards.

Fully Rugged Mobile Workstations in the Defense Industry

Military and defense end-user devices (EUDs) often need to perform multiple mission applications. With the potential ongoing budget concerns, multi-function rugged mobile workstations that optimize SWaP-C will be critical. Today, more than ever, one device needs to be able to perform as many mission-critical applications as possible. Some examples include but are not limited to real-time situational awareness, C5ISR, video/telemetry capture, storage & analysis, […]

Learn about the key differentiators between fully-rugged and ultra-rugged devices.

Fully-Rugged vs. Ultra-Rugged Devices: What You Need To Know

Is your organization in the market for a rugged tablet or laptop with the sturdiest construction and extreme tolerances available? An ultra-rugged model would seem indicated. However, do not confine your search to mobile devices that vendors designate as ultra-rugged. There may be mobile devices designated fully rugged out there that are just as rugged or even better and could offer a better value. […]

Getac Select: Optimize Your Rugged Mobile TCO

The total cost of ownership (TCO) savings you get with rugged over non-rugged mobile devices can be considerable. According to VDC, the numbers indicate that a rugged tablet’s annual TCO is 54% of that of a non-rugged. Numbers such as this are average. This means some organizations save even more, while others may feel quite disappointed. Considering the higher upfront costs involved, you want […]

Getac and Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship Team Up for the 2022 Racing Season

Getac and BTCC Team Up for the 2022 Racing Season

If you’re one of the millions worldwide who enjoy watching the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), keep an eye out for Getac’s rugged devices, signage, and other sponsorship elements for the 2022 season. For the 2022 season that runs from April through October 2022, we will be an Official Technology Partner of BTCC. Getac provides rugged devices and automotive solutions to the […]

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