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To understand the use of augmented reality in automotive repair, it is worth reviewing how AR works, where technicians can use it, and how it supports the different remote systems.

How Augmented Reality Supports Remote Systems in Automotive Repair Shops

Augmented reality (AR) is exploding throughout the automotive industry, disrupting product development from design & development to operations, quality, and launch. As a result, the global automotive augmented reality market will grow to nearly $7B at a healthy CAGR of 17.6% by 2025. These market figures consider an often-overlooked segment for which AR is beneficial: automotive repair. The complexities of modern vehicle repair can […]

This article will describe preferred applications for Windows and Android OS for rugged tablets and guide users with an idea choice based on use case.

How to Select an Operating System for Rugged Tablets: Windows vs. Android

No matter the industry, all business has become connected. For applications in harsh conditions, technology solutions must be durable enough to withstand temperatures ranging from weather, drops, and impacts. For remote applications like a construction job site, a rugged tablet offers a technology solution that is portable enough to carry and hold while operating yet is durable enough to withstand the application’s demands. It […]

With so much of EVs and autonomous cars tied to the data generated and collected through connected car strategies, modern-day technicians will need to learn how to service and repair vehicles with more reliance on Technology.

How Remote Experts Prepare Technicians to Service Vehicles of the Future

Talent no longer needs to be bound by geography. This simple notion has powerful implications, as we’ve found throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to that, we’ve learned that we can adapt to nearly any situation given the right motivation and that there are multiple solutions to most problems. True disruptive innovation is possible with a fresh perspective on approaching and solving problems. Nowhere […]

OEMConfig is a Getac-proprietary application that unlocks the full potential of Getac Android device deployment by enhancing the enterprise-scale configuration capabilities of any AER-certified EMM system.

Getac OEMConfig: Enhanced Android Batch Configuration for EMM Systems

Rugged tablets are increasingly becoming the standard for mobile frontline employees, with Android devices representing the best value for the money. However, when organizations issue a device as standard equipment, it is important to optimize settings and configurations. This leads to maximized productivity and security, and first-time-right efficiency. Enterprise-scale configuration of mobile devices is normally achieved using an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system. On […]

There is optimism that the way industries work will continue to evolve post-pandemic where organizations are shifting specifically for frontline workers. Rugged mobile devices can play a key role in digitization of frontline work.

The Future of Fieldwork Is Digital

With 2022 in full swing, there is optimism that the way industries work will continue to evolve post-pandemic. Organizations are shifting specifically for frontline workers and field technicians carrying out work orders, inspections, installing and repairing small to heavy equipment, and in some cases, operating machinery. Rugged mobile devices can play a key role in the digitization of frontline work. Digital Transformation Has Moved […]

As a mobile-first operating system built to run on mobile-first hardware, the benefits of the Android OS complement those of a rugged tablet.

Why You Need a Rugged Mid-Sized Android Device

Digital transformation is going mobile, and tablet computers have become standard equipment in a variety of field service and front-line professions. But if the job keeps people away from a wall-plug or charging station for most or all your work shift, or if users are working in an extreme environment – they need a rugged tablet. Why Rugged?  Standard tablets are built to be […]

Driverless car on a road

Preparing for an Autonomous Future: Are Dealers Ready?

The automotive sector is embarking on one of the biggest developments in its history as the internal combustion engine is phased out in favour of alternative drive trains. But the rollout of EVs is just the start of a period of change that will also see autonomous vehicles becoming more commonplace. The complexity of these advancements means all workshops and dealers need to prepare […]

The oil and gas industry is currently facing a skills shortage. The industry is applying the latest in innovative technologies to partially solve the recruitment problem.

How IoT Through Remote Support Can Help Fill The Skills Gap

One thing is clear: the oil and gas industry is facing a skills gap in every aspect of the business, including drilling specialists, subsea specialists, health and safety specialists, project engineers, and geoscientists. To tackle this skills shortage problem, the industry is applying the latest innovative technologies. These include investments in artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and automation. The industry is […]

Automation technology is proving an attractive cost-saving investment for the oil and gas industry as it is increasingly applied to processes and procedures in the exploration and production value chain.

Automating The Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies are playing catch-up with manufacturing. DNV GL concluded in its latest oil and gas services forecast to 2050 the industry will be heavily automated. Today, only the big oil and gas companies have automated drilling technology. This also includes the surveillance of rigs and fields, and operations such as measuring pressure and oil flow. In the near future, the whole […]

Getac UK won the coveted award for ‘Best Lockdown Initiative’ for its i2i Guest List Programme.

Getac UK Wins Best Lockdown Initiative

Getac UK won the coveted award for Best Lockdown Initiative for its i2i Guest List Programme during a fun-filled evening at the Computer Reseller News (CRN) Channel Awards 2021. We at Getac UK created the i2i Guest List Programme to support channel partners throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Aware of the many personal and professional challenges that COVID-19 was causing, we altered the established channel […]

Rugged mobile technology enables real-time communication and collaboration between team members, the back office, and remote experts anywhere in the world.

Remote Experts and Frontline Worker Collaboration

Field Service and many other enterprise organizations are faced with a talent crisis. This includes attracting and onboarding new field service techs while a large percentage of experienced technicians are leaving or retiring.  According to research from the Service Council, 70% of field service organizations are concerned about the knowledge loss from a retiring field workforce. Moreover, these organizations mentioned they would be burdened […]

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