Italian medical group creates mobile digital emergency kit with Getac F110

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“The Getac F110 Tablet is light and thin and its wide, high-definition screen makes it easy to read the data even in extreme weather conditions. Emergency operations often take place in extreme locations and having a robust and reliable device in all respects significantly facilitates the work of healthcare operators who often find themselves having to manage extremely critical situations”

Riccardo Furlanetto, CEO of Zulu Medical.


There are emergency situations in which a combination of factors can represent the difference between life and death and often it is imperative not to interrupt the assistance process and the correct management of a series of interconnected actions that have direct consequences on each other.

Zulu Medical, an Italian company that specialises in the development of dedicated professional software in the field of digital medicine, has designed an emergency kit to install in ambulances and air medical transport comprising a Fully Rugged Getac F110 Tablet with dedicated medical software, ECG, Pulse oximeter and blood pressure measuring device.

The device that comes with the Kit was designed to meet specific criteria, such as reliability and robustness, because it is the core of the system that enables operators to acquire all the necessary data on the patient in real time and to share it instantly with their operations centres.

Emergency operations are often carried out in extreme situations such as mountains, in the snow or in water, and the location of the patient isn’ t always easy to reach so using a light, shock resistant device that can be employed in the rain, snow or dazzling sunlight was key to the success of the project.


Getac identified the Fully Rugged F110 Tablet as the ideal device for the kit. There were numerous reasons for this choice: the wide 11.6″ high definition display that is perfectly legible in the direct sunlight or in heavy rain thanks to QuadraClear® technology, the long battery life of up to 13 hours, the 5th generation Intel® Broadwell processor and Windows 7 or 8.1 operating system, the GPS module specially designed for the F110 that guarantees searches that are twice as thorough and very fast geolocalisation. The F110 has also obtained MIL-STD-810G certification which certifies that it is shock resistant and protected against infiltrations of water.

“Because of the way in which the Zulu Medical Kit is used” , commented Antonio Carotenuto, Getac Italy Country Manager, “a device with specific features, not found in Consumer Tablets, was required. The Zulu Medical Kit is an extremely advanced emergency management system that necessarily requires reliable devices so as not to compromise the success of emergency operations”.


In extreme emergencies even the loss of a few seconds can prove fatal. As a result, the software installed on the F110, the main functions of which are the patient’ s medical history, the acquisition of bio-medical data through a wireless connection, the sharing of data acquired in real time at the emergency site and voice recordings, must not suffer from any failures.

Positioned on a dock-station in emergency vehicles, the F110 Tablet collects this data while on the move and transmits it in real time, via a server , to the Casualty Department, which can provide real time assistance in the emergency procedure and, having understood the patient’s clinical status, take action and treat them in the best possible way. The timely communication of the data between the teams involved in providing emergency assistance and the operating centres can therefore make the difference when treating the patient. This platform is covered by an international patent and certified as a Medical Device.

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  • Posted at 7 January 2019

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