Getac B300 advances track geometry measurement process

“Of those rugged products we have tested, Getac rugged notebook has significantly outperformed other brands in terms of efficiency and performance ratio perspectives, which proves its value.”
~Mrs Pascale BEAUDOING & Mr Henri BOLLON, Co-Managers, TeamFer

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TeamFer has developed a lorry that could be used on the railway track. These lorries must work outdoors during the day and at night regardless of temperature ranging from -15° to extremely hot weather conditions and even in the rain. The movement on the rail leads to considerable vibration and numerous shocks, where equipment are subject to serious falls.

Thus, the computer equipment on the lorry must be particularly rugged with respect to shocks, vibrations, and weather conditions. In addition, TeamFer equipment functions during trips that can take several hours. Self-sufficiency is therefore an important criterion as well. Mechanical strength, impermeability, self-sufficiency and very good visibility when working outdoors as well were part of TeamFer’s main needs.


TeamFer and Getac B300

Getac provided B300 fully rugged notebooks that fit on lorries developed by TeamFer, in which the lorries could be pushed on the railway tracks and transport different tools and do a lot of measurements such as corrugation, cant and gauge of the track, and transversal profile. For that, the B300 is linked to specific electronic equipment with several sensors, with each one dedicated to one measurement. These measurements and computation will be processed through TeamFer’s software “TeamSoft”.

Getac B300 also responded to different needs, featuring a 1400 NITs QuadraClear® display that facilitates an easy change of contrasts based on ambient brightness. Furthermore, the backlit keyboard allows ergonomic use at night which is aligned with the use of the lorry on the majority of French high-speed rail lines.

The Getac B300 is MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified, the fanless and sealed design protect it against dust and water, which impressed TeamFer the most as it is the decisive factor for SNCF to acknowledge operations mainly in torrential rain. This criterion was indispensable in order to be able to work under real conditions.

Featuring the longest battery life in the industry, the Getac B300 with its integrated secondary battery has become essential specifically for track operations which would normally take hours, offering a battery life of up to 30 hours with the 2nd battery. For all of these reasons, TeamFer has gone back to rugged laptop PCs that are highly efficient on all levels.


The Getac B300 has tremendously transformed track geometry operations for TeamFer. Pascale and Henri say with one voice: “Getac’s rugged solutions unveil a new page for us indeed, before using the Getac B300, we simply used a consumer grade PC wrapped with a plastic bag to protect it from rain, the keyboard was difficult to use especially under low temperature and the PC had on the track and broke easily.

Through the adoption of the latest rugged solutions, the mobility for outdoor operation will be significantly enhanced and the entire track geometry inspection process could be better facilitated and managed efficiently.

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  • Posted at 7 January 2019

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