Endurance test with high fliers: Getac B300 notebooks used by the Austrian National Ski Jump Team

“The Getac products are the only ones which satisfy our elevated requirements. They are reliable under the most adverse weather conditions and provide the high technical quality, extended battery life and a lot more.

The result: “The B300 devices represent an enormous asset for the training staff and are a real enrichment for the entire team!” ~ Alex Pointner, coach of the Austrian team said.

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The requirements of ski jumpers are enormous. It takes an iron will, team spirit, discipline and perseverance. Jumpers train hard almost every day, all year round. The courage to jump from a full speed descent becomes second nature to them. They are on the ski jump ramp under any weather conditions for many hours, always waiting for the next jump, observing their colleagues, seeing many jumps objectively. When they do head indoors, they continue watching ski jumps on video.

Data analysis represents a significant part of the constant optimization process of these athletes. But the technical equipment which this requires is exposed to the same rough environmental conditions under which the athletes perform.

The equipment must perform identically under direct sunlight during the day or darkness during the night. It is subject to all forms of precipitation, wind and large temperature variations. It must be robust enough to withstand falls, simple to operate and fast to set up and take down. Finally, it must be able to work for many hours without an external power supply.

Reliable notebooks are essential to capture optimal video recordings in training and competitions, under the most adverse weather conditions. Normal devices don’t perform well under such circumstances. The Austrian Team had already broken several laptops this way, so it decided to search for specialized professional outdoor equipment which fulfills all of its quality and functionality requirements.

After an extensive search, the Team discovered the B300 notebooks from Getac. These devices were one of the few which complied with all of the specifications required by the Austrian “Eagles” Team.


Optimal visibility under direct sunshine

The B300 offers Getac’s exclusive QuadraClear™ technology, providing perfect viewability under extremely bright lighting conditions like those in the snow, by incorporating special anti-reflective coatings, linear and circular polarizers, and a 1200 NIT LED display.

In addition, to it’s easy-to-use waterproof mechanical keyboard, the B300 also offers a touchscreen as a means of input. Because the touchscreen is capacitive, it can be used with gloves – a necessity when using a computer outdoors in the winter.

Extreme efficiency for extreme athletes

The B300 offers long battery life while maintaining the highest processing power.. The system architecture of the B300 (which includes a Core™2 Duo Processor, high-performance DDR2 high speed memory and Intel® Graphics Media accelerator X3100, etc.) – contributes to the high efficiency of the equipment.

For example, the coach can record a jump and at the same time use the analysis software (Kinovea), which simultaneously analyzes the movements of the athlete. The most modern safety features and extensive interface options allow for exemplary connectivity.

The B300 under harsh outside use

Problem-free use under very low outdoor temperatures is an important criterion for winter sports applications. The B300 notebook is certified under the MIL-STD-810G standard, which makes it suitable for robust outdoor use. It boasts an insulated hard drive which offers the highest level of shock and vibration protection.

Thanks to its magnesium alloy housing and sealed ports, the equipment is particularly light, stable and liquid and dust resistant to the IP65 standard.

When Europe experienced one of the hardest winters of recent times, the Getac devices of the Austrian Ski Jump team were always reliable and impressively proved their perfect performance under harsh outdoor use.

Complete, long-term monitoring
The B300 provides battery life of up to 12 hours for a single battery, even under adverse environmental conditions. In addition, the DVD drive can be replaced during operation by a second battery so that continuous use of up to 24 hours can be achieved.

This allows complete monitoring during trainings and competitions, so the Austrian Ski Jump Team profited from maximum mobility, independence and comfort.


Two devices were installed immediately at the upper and lower ends of the ski-jump ramp and connected via WLAN. Now the start, jump, flight and landing phases can be recorded professionally, not only by the judge tower allowing an immediate analysis at the end of the jump and/or during matches in the cabin.

The Getac devices arrived without any logistic problems and the installation was simple. Extreme variations in temperature or precipitation no longer represent a problem with the B300. And thanks to its robust construction, it can withstand a fall without compromising operation in any way.

With the B300, training efficiency could be increased while time, money and frustration were saved in comparison with the frequent failures and need for repairs of normal notebooks – resulting in excellent TCO.

  • Posted at 5 January 2019

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