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30 noviembre 2011

Getac Releases World’s Smallest, Toughest Tablet

Getac UK has announced the launch of its 7 inch fully rugged tablet, built to be the smallest and most robust AndroidTM tablet on the market.

The new Z710 has been designed to withstand five feet drops, water and dust ingress (IP65), and boasts the rugged military grade MIL-STD-810G rating. The Z710 can also operate in the coldest and hottest of environments, from -20degreesC to +50 degrees.

Peter Molyneux, Vice President Getac UK, says that this is the first of a comprehensive range of rugged tablets to be released in 2012 and highlights how the new tablet will be the only device on the market designed and built by one company.

Mr Molyneux believes that the rugged device has the potential to revolutionise operations across a number of sectors including field service, utility, construction and automotive.

“These markets are moving towards devices that combine best-in-class mobility as well as the capacity to perform in rugged environments. With its user-friendly screen size combined with Getac’s proven rugged build, the Z710 does just that,” he explains.

“Our engineers have designed, developed, and built the unit with end users in mind, and having ownership of that ensures we have control of quality throughout the entire process. We’re offering a solution that Getac customers can rely on.”

The Z710 offers multiple connectivity and communication options. Input/Output ports include USB, Micro SD, and SIM card, with 16GB of storage (expandable by MicroSD).

The unit also comprises Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and GPS. Front (HD) and rear (5megapixel) camera are also built into the device.

“The rugged tablet market is going to be very exciting and dynamic and will help to bring flexibility of operation, communication and connectivity to a whole host of sectors,” Mr Molyneux adds.

“We are looking forward to working with our customers to offer the best rugged solutions wherever they operate and have combined the power of tablet computing with Getac’s proven rugged manufacturing technology, meaning the unit can operate in the harshest of conditions.”

Full technical specifications of the Z710 will be released shortly.

  • 30 noviembre 2011 02:11

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