Keeping the Water Flowing at South East Water Demands the Best Performing Rugged Notebook

“Our network is under constant attack from ground movement with even traffic movement potentially damaging pipes and our field engineers need technology that can survive in any weather, help capture more data and increase our operating efficiency.”
~ Martin Giel, Operations Manager for IT, South East Water.

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South East Water supplies this essential service to 2.1 million customers across a network of 9,000 miles of pipeline. With approximately 900,000 connections to individual commercial and residential properties, keeping track of water loss and dealing quickly with leakage is a major focus for the company.

“Our network is under constant attack from ground movement caused by variants in soil conditions and natural events such as flooding or drought,” explains Martin Giel, Operations Manager for IT, South East Water.

“Even traffic movement can damage pipes and our field engineers need a rugged technology that can survive in any weather, help capture more data and increase efficiency.”

These technicians also need a computer that they can use comfortably in their vehicles – and out in the field, with a screen large enough to see complex data and maps in full sunlight.

South East Water also needs a technology solution that is backed up by a speedy support system that allows new and replacement computers to work straight out of the box.


The Getac V200 fully rugged convertible notebook is supplied with special vehicle docking stations to provide the most ergonomic solution for operators. It can also be used as a conventional notebook and quickly convert to a tablet for use away from the vehicle.

The V200 is the first rugged notebook to be powered by the new Intel® Core™ i7 2.0 GHz processor, and boasts a 12.1-inch convertible wide screen display with exclusive 1200 NITs QuadraClear™ technology, meaning it can be operated in direct sunlight.

“This also allows our technicians to see enough of the network to perform the duties they need to in a way that a small screen can’t,” says Martin Giel.

When a leak is reported, technicians use the V200’s in-built 3G communications to feed information to the Control Room. The on-board GIS system, accessed in real time, using the V200 will provide information that will enable the location of the leak to be plotted and the position of nearest stop valve(s) to be identified.

The company’s special software contains a detailed map of the entire network, the V200’s large screen with QuadraClear™ technology then comes into its own, presenting information clearly.

The technician may decide to call a crew to carry out repairs if it isn’t something he can handle – with all this reported straight to the head office in real time.

The unit can be swiftly removed from the vehicle and converted to a tablet, and the fact that the display is built using resistive multi-touch technology, means users can operate the screen through single and multi-finger movements even while wearing gloves – vital when working in extreme environments.


“The V200 gives South East Water technicians the ultimate flexibility they need to respond quickly and allows the company to keep track of all assets across its vast network,” explains Richard Beaumont, UK Business Development Manager of Getac.

The V200 is MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified, adding to its rugged design and flawless performance in harsh environments. Along with its full magnesium alloy case and fan-less operation, the fully rugged unit can also be used in sub-20 degree Celsius environments.

The notebook also includes a shock mounted 320GB HDD and sealed I/O caps and doors to prevent damage from solid particles and moisture.

“The device is designed and certified to work in the environment the technicians face every day,” adds Beaumont. It can be dropped, it can get wet, it can get dusty, and it can also cope with the extremes of temperature that it will face in the vehicle environment in particular.”

Users can also configure the V200 with an 80GB solid state drive. Powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-620LM processor running at 2.0GHz, Max 2.8GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the V200 is the perfect combination of processing power and rugged reliability.

South East Water knows that to keep ahead of the demands place on its industry it also needs to keep ahead of the technology available.

The V200 from Getac provides the solution and the support to allow the company to make its operations even more efficient.

  • Posted at 10 January 2019

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