Getac ZX70 Tablets Provide Perfect Rugged Solution for Mexican Lubricants Manufacturer

“It has been an excellent acquisition. The benefits we have seen so far have guaranteed and proven that Getac was the best choice. The cost to benefit ratio is very high and we still have many opportunities to keep getting much more out of these devices. Getac as a company is clearly an excellent manufacturer that fulfils their promise to their customers.”

David Escalante

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The sales staff for Mexican commercial and automotive lubricants manufacturer Comercial Roshfrans works in an environment characterized by demanding tasks under challenging climatic conditions. For example, temperatures in some Mexican states often exceed 40º C and extreme humidity is common. Add to this the harsh effects daily travel associated with sales work. The company’s sales executives require rugged devices to ensure they reach each customer across a wide range of regions with varying conditions, that that might cause other devices to succumb to excess wear and damage.

Sales executives work almost entirely outdoors, whether in their cars or on foot, where Mexico’s diverse and extreme environments are marked by frequent rain, dust, and pollution that can often damage non-rugged electronic hardware. Comercial Roshfrans sales force extends nationwide and is committed to providing excellent service, which requires that customer interactions be registered through their CRM to expedite processing.


Getac’s ZX70 tablets are ideally suited to such sales work and collection tasks, placing useful and efficient resources in the hands of sales executives while giving them easier and more effective ways to approach their day-to-day goals. These include providing technical specifications of their products, as well as displaying electronic brochures and how-to videos, among other tasks.

Getac rugged devices allow Comercial Roshfrans to interact with the company’s systems under any climatic conditions. Getac products are exceptionally durable, and their superior battery life provides more than one full working day of usability. Additionally, the display’s clarity in direct sunlight lets team members to work in bright outdoor conditions.


Getac ZX70 tablets simplify and streamline sales work, allowing the company’s representatives to concentrate on registering customer orders and payments, synchronizing them with centralized online systems without having to worry about device damage or failure during the process. The company can locate each sales team in real time to maximize their performance. Comercial Roshfrans now enjoys a better understanding of comprehensive client behavior, making it easier to provide customers with appropriate solutions for a variety of needs.

Getac products are rugged devices that allow staff to perform daily operations without setbacks or failures. For Comercial Roshfrans, Getac tablets have proven to be very stable and easy to use. The company was most impress by the durability and longevity of the Getac battery. Getac’s superior battery allows the sales staff to perform their work without stopping during the day to recharge equipment. The damage-resistance and durability of the device, according to Roshfrans, “has been so good that we have not had any equipment damaged in the seven months that we have used the equipment.”

The Getac ZX70 has helped Comercial Roshfrans increase its speed of reception / response to customer orders by 20 %. Additionally, the ruggedness of the devices resulted in a 100 % reduction of damage rate compared to previous tablets used by the company. This fact was particularly important to management, leading them to consider the device as a long-term solution. The Getac ZX70 tablet also impressed the management by improving the effectiveness of monitoring and the efficiency of company processes, and due to this they have recently purchase new ZX70 Getac tablets to keep improving and developing their process and company’s promise with the Mexican people .

  • Posted at 16 January 2019

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