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CerbAir, The security revolution: Integrating Getac products in its solutions to field-proof its anti-drone system

Integrating Getac products in its solutions to field-proof its anti-drone systems 

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The Challenge

CerbAir is the French reference in anti-drone systems. From site protection to sensitive events and more:  CerbAir designs and installs custom-made CUAS solutions.
Its advanced anti-drone technology protects critical sites and events from the threat of rogue or misused civilian drones. For CerbAir the challenge was to find powerful, rugged devices advanced enough to integrate their software and rugged enough to survive in the most demanding environments.

The Solution

Several different pieces of equipment are employed by CerbAir. Depending on their customer’s durability requirements, they use either the S410 or X500 rugged laptops as Command & Control units in their mobile solutions.
They also use the MX50 in the development of a new man-portable solution, which will provide on-the-go situational awareness and retaliation capabilities in all environments.

The Benefits

Thanks to Getac and their capacity to integrate and tailor make their devices, CerbAir has the ability to merge consumer-like ease of use (latest OS, high performance hardware and form factor) with the ruggedness required by its most demanding clients.

  • Posted at 31 March 2019

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