Police: Digital Forensics and Evidence

In our digital world, evidence and forensics collected by Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO’s) and Crime Scene Investigators (CSI’s) aren’t always tangible; many times, it is digital. Getac solutions give digital forensic examiners the ability to collect and analyse information at the scene, allowing the investigating officer swift access to critical data and enabling improved operational decision making.

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CSI offloading digital evidence from his tablet.

Securing digital evidence

During the investigative process, officers are gathering and documenting information from the place of interest or crime scene; this can include photos and evidence logging. The data collected is sensitive and requires special treatment based on procedural guidelines. To ensure the safe and auditable access and / or safe encrypted transportation of digital evidence, Getac solutions offer built-in TPM 2.0 and smart card readers with optional add-on security features such as fingerprint and RFID readers.

CSI collecting evidence on the scene of a crime.

Evidence gathering made easy

Whether sitting in your vehicle or standing at a crime scene, bring your Getac solution with you. Weighing just a few pounds and featuring configurable carry accessories, evidence collection has never been more comfortable. Our LumiBond® touchscreen with digitiser allows you to use a pen, stylus, fingers, or gloves, to enter information and use a digital pen to accurately capture signatures for digital statements or enabling you to make notes on forms or maps.

Street police officer on patrol.

Ensuring the chain of custody even in harsh conditions

Collecting evidence means working in challenging conditions, and Getac’s rugged solutions are built to withstand extreme environments. Independently tested and certified to the stringent military testing standards of MIL-STD 810G and IP65 meaning our solutions are designed to exceed the working environments law enforcement personnel have to operate in, are easily read in bright sunlight or can be easily typed on in the darkest of conditions.

Police car parked at the scene of a crime.

Police digital forensics without battery limits

Decrypting and analysing data from platforms, including mobile phones and tablets, takes time. Now, you don’t have to worry about your device running out of battery thanks to Getac’s hot-swapping technology. Quickly change out your battery without having to turn off your device, apps, or operating system.




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