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First response just got faster

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A New Era for Emergency Response

A new report, entitled ‘Advances in communications technology offer new capabilities to first responders around the world’, shows how authorities in America have driven changes throughout the industry that resonate around the world by:

  • Allocating two specific spectrums (Band 13 and Band 14) to dedicated Public Safety Broadband Networks.
  • Partnering with AT&T and Verizon to respectively create FirstNet and Responder Private Core
  • Offering emergency services a range of new options for enhanced communication
  • Enabling new and faster technologies, including apps for specific applications

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These new communications technologies can help emergency response agencies in countries around the world by enabling:

New applications for caller GPS location and quickest route mapping

Enhanced levels of inter-agency communication and collaboration

Enhanced data transmission that can stream bodycam footage and upload incident photos to the cloud.

Unprecedented speed, efficiency, and collaboration in emergency responses

If you would like to find out the possibilities for your own agency: