Bliksund has more than a decade of experience as the preferred provider of software solutions to the emergency & healthcare services in the Nordics, offering operations management software (GRID) and ePCR software (EWA – Emergency Worker Assistant).

Since 2019, Bliksund has been the nationwide provider of ePCR to the Norwegian Regional Healthcare Trusts. Their solutions provide digital flow, control and data-driven insight into everyday work and emergency situations. By enabling the digital transformation of mission critical emergency services, they provide emergency workers with digital tools that allow them to focus on what really matters – saving lives.

Bliksund innovate for and with frontline emergency professionals working in the field.

“Our mission is to help those who help”

*Any collaboration between Getac Technology Corp and Bliksund is currently available in EMEA only.

Bliksund EWA - Emergency Worker Assistant for the entire emergency care chain
The combination of Bliksund’s software solutions with Getac’s powerful ruggedised mobile computing answer the specific needs of our healthcare customers to provide increased proactivity, efficiency, and quality of care. Meeting the demands of emergency professionals who require total solutions for harsh operating conditions.

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