Join us on Wednesday, November 24, for this informative 1.5 hour webinar designed for Automotive R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing OEM operations. Together with our panel of automotive industry experts we will be focusing on how the Automotive industry can embrace technological change throughout the value-chain. Sharing insights into industry trends, leading engineering and IT solutions and revolutionary fuel cell powertrains. This is a must attend event for stakeholders representing vehicles manufacturers throughout the EMEA region.


10:00AM CET
Getac - Welcome & Opening

Getac open the webinar by introducing the speakers and providing an overview of the agenda.

Russell Younghusband / Global Automotive Director
10:05AM CET
Frost & Sullivan - Future of CASE Mobility and Top Technologies Creating Opportunities for OEMs and Non-OEMs

Government mandates on emission and safety drive innovation in automotive technology. Hence, major investments in technology development by OEMs are skewed towards powertrain, safety, and connected car features within 6 key clusters. Close to 25% of the top 30 technology/features identified by Frost & Sullivan have reached technological maturity, but are yet to be adopted across all models and variants. For example, Touch-screen entertainment units are available only in 84% of the vehicles sold despite the technology being mature and having been around for several years. Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies such as batteries and motors are expected to penetrate the slowest among the many top features, as they increase the vehicle cost significantly. Autonomous and connected car based safety, comfort, and convenience features are expected to proliferate within both the luxury and mass-market segment, witnessing billions of dollars spend in R&D. For instance, Ford and GM investing $1+ billion each in setting up facilities for autonomous technology research. The growth of 9 out of 10 within top 30 features is hindered by high technology cost, preventing penetration into the entry and mid-level mass-market vehicles, thereby, lowering the 2025 overall penetration rates. This is creating ripple effects in the midstream (posing production mix challenges) as well as downstream (posing maintenance, repair, warranty challenges)

Vishwas Shankar / Consulting Director
10:25AM CET
HV Systems - Decarbonising the HGV Sector – Role of Smart Control Systems to Deliver an Efficient Hydrogen Electric Power Train

HV Systems are a technology start-up disrupter developing an innovative range Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell HGV Vehicles. Dr Telford has been working with HVS since 2018. David is a fully qualified physicist and energy engineer, with over 40 years’ experience in energy systems. His previous experience includes work as physicist with UK Atomic Energy Authority working on the Fast reactor project and as an Energy Consultant with several organisations for UK and international based consultancy work. Having previously worked on embedded decentralised energy systems within the built environment he now brings this experience to bear in the design of control systems and hydrogen supply systems for the new technologies within automotive power trains. Prior to joining HVS he was the lead designer for the zero carbon Energy System for the new Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. This innovative design combines Europe’s largest static hydrogen fuel cell installation with conventional IC CHP engines running on biomethane. Excess renewable power is used to generate a pure hydrogen stream which provides up to 200kg/day of transport grade renewable hydrogen for Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Projects. At HVS David is responsible for the development of SEMAS. SEMAS is HVS’s bespoke systems engineering analyses, simulation and control software suite. He is going to provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with digital control and smart systems with the HGV Hydrogen Vehicle development.

Dr David Telford / Head of Sustainability & Hydrogen Infrastructure
10:45AM CET
Vector Informatik – From Engineering to Aftersales: Simplifying the support of complex vehicles

Automotive megatrends demand an increasingly sophisticated technology stack and a shift towards the software defined vehicle. These new approaches are accompanied by higher safety and security needs. This evolution in E/E architecture will present new challenges in vehicle manufacture and maintenance. In this talk Matt will discuss these challenges and explore how they can be met. He will also look at how, in meeting them, we can transform the way vehicles are supported during development and in aftersales

Matt Monnington / Senior Product Manager
11:05AM CET
Getac – Mobilising the workforce through enhanced IT strategies

During this short presentation, Russell will share various use cases where Getac and its eco-system of partners are supporting Automotive OEM's globally.Mobile IT being at the core of the solution and how selecting the right approach can deliver greater productivity and reduced through life costs of ownership. The presentation will cover examples within the value-chain from R&D and Engineering, inbound and outbound Logistics, through to production operations.Using the time to also take a glimpse into what innovation is emerging in the forseeable future, such as advancements in secure and fast data transfer.

Russell Younghusband / Global Automotive Director
11:15AM CET
Panel Discussion
All Speakers
11:35AM CET
Wrap Up

Russell Younghusband / Global Automotive Director


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