Getac Rugged Convertible Laptops Allow Guiñez Ingeniería to Eliminate Errors, Increase Efficiency

“In the last three years we have had no problems with the computers. They work very well in the bright sunlight. Originally, I favored other consumer-grade computers, but our geologists demanded the Getac computers for the ruggedness they provide. They need to be focusing on our core business, which is analyzing minerals, and not worrying that the computers will not work. The wireless function and the high performance allow us to analyze our rock samples faster and transmit data to our database. In this way, we are able to provide faster anlaysis for our mining clients helping them drill in the correct areas, saving lots of time and money. ”
~Mitchel Bennett, IT Manager

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Guiñez Ingeniería geologists use their laptops outdoors for analyzing rock samples. Rock sample data are captured on site and logged into mining software. The software assists the workers in analyzing each rock sample and then inserts the results into a database. After analyzing the data, they develop mineral topography maps of the minerals to aid in more efficient mining.

Guiñez Ingeniería geologists used non-rugged computers for their rock sampling. Those computers’ batteries often ran out and needed to be hooked to electrical wires for charging, increasing safety risks. They also often did not work in the high heat and outdoor conditions that are the realities of the mining industry. The screens were not bright enough to be visible in direct sunlight. Often times, the computers broke down and needed to be replaced. When this happened, the geologists lost all data and would need to begin the time-consuming and expensive process of retesting the rocks, resulting in a loss of productivity and efficiency.


Guiñez Ingeniería geologists tested many different computers and chose Getac V Series convertible laptops because of their ruggedness, seamless connectivity, and long battery life. The geologists typically work for eight hours every day collecting rock samples and another four hours testing the rock samples outdoors, and the rugged Getac V Series laptops are ideal for the job due to their strong resistance to the ravages of weather and ability to maintain their high performance level for many continuous hours every day without failure. The processes of mining and analyzing samples are expensive, and accurate analysis is needed to provide geologists with the correct information.

Since adopting the rugged Getac V Series laptops, Guiñez Ingeniería has realized many benefits. It has seen an increase in operational efficiency, as the new computers connect seamlessly to axis points to transmit the sample testing data to a central database system through a wireless connection. Also, the Getac devices allow engineers to correctly log their analysis reports without failure. Because of the Getac V Series convertible laptop’s superior ruggedness, the geologists do not have to worry about the computers breaking down due to high temperatures, dings, or accidental drops.

The long battery life of Getac V Series laptops means there is no longer a need for workers to keep recharging the batteries. Recharging batteries on the job requires the use of long cables, which clutter the workspace, leading to dangerous conditions. With Getac V Series laptops, the workspace is clean and the geologists are able to safely concentrate on testing samples.


Guiñez Ingeniería is pleased to report that after three years of constant use, under the extreme conditions involved in the mining industry, the Getac V Series units continue to perform without problems. Mitchel Bennett, Guiñez Ingeniería’s IT manager, says the features of the Getac V Series laptop that impress him the most are the superb battery life and the ruggedness, which make it ideal for dangerous, outdoor, high-heat conditions. Bennett says, “It allows us to charge once for a full shift’s work and greatly increases the safety of the surroundings. The Quadraclear sunlight-readable screen also helps us log the data without errors, even when the sun is shining brightly.” Mitchell says the Guiñez Ingeniería geologists are now able to log data accurately and transmit the information to the company’s centralized database quickly and without failure.

Mitchell says it’s difficult to calculate the exact degree of efficiency enhancement Guiñez Ingeniería has realized since purchasing the 15 Getac V Series laptops three years ago. However, he says the computers definitely have decreased the number of failures to zero. “We are able to connect to our database, and we have more accurate mapping of the minerals for our clients,” Mitchell says. “The mining companies are able to receive our analysis faster by 30%. In this way, we are able to provide more analysis faster for our clients and increase our revenue.”

RuggedTech Getac’s regional distributor and its reseller Intech represent and supply reliable Getac notebooks to Guiñez Ingeniería mines.

  • Posted at 24 February 2019

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