Customized Rugged Notebooks: the First Choice for the Oil and Gas Industry

Halliburton operates in nearly 70 countries, working in two major business segments: ‘Drilling and Evaluation’ and ‘Completion and Production’, and works with major oil and gas companies.

Halliburton provides comprehensive solutions to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide, offering a broad array of products and services ranging from integrated software and services to drilling tools, logging and perforating technology; from manufacturing of drill bits and other down-hole and completion tools to pressure pumping services.

Halliburton also provides notebook technology as part of its solutions to the oil industry and has chosen Getac as its main supplier for its customers in Russia and China who purchase equipment from the Halliburton Direct Sales Group in Houston and, following training, run the complete service themselves.

Notebook technology is used in the oil industry in many different ways. Getac’s rugged notebooks were chosen to work in on-site field workshops adjacent to the oil rigs, where a consumer notebook just wouldn’t cut the mustard.

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Working on an oil-rig presents many physical challenges for the notebooks and so working with a company that specializes in rugged technology was a logical step. “The environments our notebooks have to work in are harsh. Dust and air-borne debris is unavoidable and can easily render computer equipment useless if it is not designed to withstand it,” said Wilkins. “Getac notebooks help to avoid field damage with sealed caps and doors and protection against knocks and drops that can often accidentally occur. One of the main reasons we chose Getac notebooks was because of their fully rugged features that came as standard.”


The A790 and M230 notebooks are both MIL-STD 810F and IP54 compliant; they have been designed and manufactured with specific engineering consideration for environmental stresses on materials throughout all phases of their service life.

“When working on site you are also faced with some pretty unpredictable and of course, unavoidable weather conditions. The Getac notebooks we use continue to work in all kinds of weather,” said Wilkins. “If it pours down rain, we don’t have to run for shelter, and if it is extremely bright and sunny we can still see the notebook screens clearly because of Getac’s sunlight readable screen technology.”

In Halliburton’s initial brief, it was essential that the notebooks could send data to other devices that were already in use. Serial port technology was their main route of communication between these devices but serial ports were becoming hard to come by; they had been removed from a lot of mainstream equipment and had been traded for technology such as USB. “To avoid replacing a lot of the devices we use on a day to day basis, serial technology was high on our list of priorities. The inclusion of serial ports certainly contributed towards our decision to choose the Getac notebooks,” Wilkins added.

“Trying to source equipment that can tick all the boxes for our customers had proved difficult in the past; however since working with Getac all of our needs are met,” stated Wilkins.

“After evaluating Halliburton’s very specific requirements, we recommended the A790 and M230 Getac rugged laptops which would handle the tough operating conditions found in the oil head workshops. We specially configure the Getac laptops to accommodate Halliburton’s demanding applications and they have been delighted with the products and support received from both Steatite & Getac” said Russell Cartwright, Business Manager of Steatite Ltd who supply the Getac laptops for Halliburton.

  • Posted at 6 January 2019

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