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Getac recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

Work Better. Safer. Faster.

Rugged Computing Solutions for Oil and Gas Professionals

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Increase Revenue. Guarantee Safety. Improve Efficiency.

Certified by third parties up to MIL-STD 810G and IP67 standards, our rugged computing solutions survive in challenging environments, perform at a high level, and help you reduce downtime and TCO.

Conventional screens can be hard to read in the strong sunlight of outdoor environments. Our LumiBond®2.0 technology delivers improved touch control (in the rain, with gloves, and with a stylus), and is highly readable.

Safety comes first. Our solutions include intrinsically safe devices with ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 / 20 and UL913 Class I / II Division 1 certification, with ATEX / IECEx zone 2/22 options available too

We Offer Solutions for Your Needs

Remote Support

Travelling to provide support costs money and time, but quite often the right expertise is not available on-site and needs to be brought in. Additionally, sometimes specific expertise is not available within a certain area. Our rugged computing solutions facilitate high-quality remote support with video and audio to minimise costs and make support more efficient.

Asset Management

Oil and gas companies need to monitor and maintain assets that cover vast tracts of land both onshore and offshore; pipelines can traverse the breadth of entire nations. Oil and gas companies need to guarantee asset integrity, proactively spot and manage potential issues in a fast and effective manner. This is required to minimise downtime and maximise productivity, ensuring continuous operation. Getac rugged solutions offer a robust and versatile platform for oil and gas asset management.

Field Data Analysis

Operational downtime is costly and impacts revenue. The workforce is underutilised, customers are dissatisfied, and market demand is not met. Getac oil and gas solutions give you the combination of power, ruggedness and features you need to minimise downtime by using advanced field data analytics software.

Workplace Safety

Safety is critical in the oil and gas industry. Good process safety management and asset integrity, and rigorous enforcement of safety guidelines are necessary. Our oil and gas workplace safety solutions help protect professionals’ lives by enabling quick communications and providing access to vital information in hazardous areas.

How We Helped Oil & Gas Companies


Halliburton was able to use their preferred specification and have much longer consistent components than their previous devices. Their unique software and hardware no longer face compatibility issues. Getac notebooks helped to avoid field damage with sealed caps and doors and protection against knocks and drops that accidentally occur.

Person using Getac rugged laptop inside a truck


Alabama Gas was able to drastically improve their response time on the field. We were also able to fully integrate their workforce management software for higher operation efficiency.


CPC Corporation was looking for a solution to greatly increase productivity of workers in terms of inspection efficiency. The PS236 was able to help provide timely and efficient natural gas pipeline maintenance with its superb performance and mobility.

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