Getac Multi-touch Tech Windows® 7
    User-machine interface technology has significantly evolved in recent years. The original command-line interface has been replaced by the graphical user interface (GUI) for a long time. The most recent trend is what is called the “natural user interface", which combines a familiar graphics-based software appearance with innovative new methods of user interaction. Instead of typical mouse and keyboards that can be cumbersome and impractical in many application environments, the natural user interface uses an intuitive touch-screen method of direct interaction with software applications. Multi-touch is the latest development in touch-screen technology that uses special software that recognizes multiple simultaneous touch points, allowing users to execute complex operations via the touch panel (or touchpad) with simple gestures or using more than one finger at a time.
Getac‘s brand new glove-friendly multi-touch analog resistive panel is full compatibility with Windows® 7 so users can perform many different operations such as rotating, scaling images, horizontal sliding, scrolling up/down and click-drag (see Figure 1). Additionally, Getac’s multi-touch analog resistive panel is able to extend full touch support to XP and Vista, and offers an additional 26 individual touch gestures and eight dual-point touch gestures for use with applications (see Figure 2), allowing users to experience the convenience of a Multi-touch interface in most Windows operating systems.