Unafraid of Extreme Temperatures

Getac ensures utmost reliability no matter how difficult the environment is. Unlike mice or touchpads, Getac’s Multi-touch screens are able to function normally in extreme temperatures ranging from -200c to 550C, meeting the requirements of a wide variety of industrial environments, including extremely cold winter climates and scorching hot deserts. For example, in the frozen shipping industry, the workers have to track freezer inventory data when loading refrigerated trucks in sub-zero conditions. While the good are being transported to their destination, the shippers check client address information in the room temperature conditions of the truck cabin. When unloading and confirming item quantity, outdoor temperatures could be unusually high. In this scenario, a Getac product equipped with a glove-compatible multi-touch screen could be used in every stage of the shipping process. Even in unpredictable temperatures and environments, Getac Multi-touch screens facilitate highly efficient computer operation.