Getac Products that Use Multi-touch Technology

Getac’s V100 fully rugged notebook is perfect for outdoor missions due to its mobility features and industry-leading sunlight readability of up to 1200nits. A possible application of the V100 is for power company workers who use the Getac glove-compatible multi-touch technology to record and report service problems at specific locations.

Law Enforcement--B300
The Getac B300 fully rugged notebook has exhibited excellent performance in the of law enforcement sector. An example police application of the B300 is for criminal identification. For instance, when a victim reports a robbery to the authorities, the police can successfully arrest the criminal through facial reconstruction using the B300’s multi-touch functionality.

Weighting only 3 pounds, the Getac E100 is the lightest fully rugged tablet PC, and is perfect for fieldwork specialists. One of the primary applications of the multi-touch LCD E100 is in logistics, where the workers confirm the size and placement of inventory items on the touch-screen using only finger taps or simple gestures. Once trucks are loaded and ready for delivery, the E100 can be used again to check client addresses and determine the most efficient shipping route. During the unload process, which is often outdoors, the E100’s multi-touch interface can be used to easily confirm delivery quantities to be unloaded, whether in heavy rain or bright sunshine.